Grieving Father-Of-5 Shares Last Words of His Wife before She Died

Lois Oladejo
Jan 22, 2022
11:20 A.M.
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One year after losing his parents to COVID, a father of five, Massimo Peluso, lost his wife, Alessandra, to the virus. He shared the heartbreaking final words the woman wrote to him before her demise.


To date, watching a loved one die and feeling their absence remains one of the most traumatic experiences. According to Novelist, Jodi Picoult, grief is a curious thing, especially when it happens unexpectedly.

It is a band-aid being ripped away, taking the top layer off a family. While most people hope to stop feeling the pain of grief, the fact is, it is impossible for some. The bereaved try to heal by rebuilding themselves around the loss they have suffered and living with it.

Alessandra Peluso in a selfie with her family [left], Massimo and Alessandra Peluso together [right] | Photo:


For the Italian father of five, Massimo Peluso, rebuilding himself might take a very long time, as he experienced the loss of three family members in two years. Here's the touching story of the Italian man and his wife's last words before she died.


In October 2021, Massimo Peluso and his wife, Alessandra, were set to become parents of five, as they already had three children, and Alessandra was pregnant with twins. 

While the duo was eager for the babies to be born, Alessandra was at risk of contracting COVID as she had not been vaccinated.


However, the woman's gynecologist advised her to abstain from the vaccine due to her condition. Sadly, her decision to listen to the doctor came at a cost — she eventually contracted the deadly virus and was admitted into the hospital.

Despite being in the hospital, Alessandra stayed strong and encouraged her husband. At some point, the woman's symptoms became worse, and Peluso could only see his wife via video calls. 

Alessandra's health deteriorated as days passed, and she could not speak. So, she began writing messages to her husband. Not long after, the woman underwent a c-section and delivered her twins prematurely. After fighting for some days, Alessandra succumbed to the illness.



Peluso was devastated at the death of his wife. He described the pain as unimaginable. It was unbearable as the Italian native had already lost his parents to COVID the previous year within 20 days.

The man also revealed that Alessandra left him a final note shortly before her demise. On October 11, 2021, the woman wrote to her husband:

"I've fought like a lion, but I don't think I can do it anymore. Take care of our children; they need you."


Peluso was torn apart by the letter. He did not believe it and hoped his wife would recover, but she did not. He said if he could go back in time, he would have advised her to take the vaccine.

Sadly, the man's twins, Aurora Pio and Angelo Pio, were not spared. They were born prematurely with COVID and, at the time, were dependent on a ventilator at Santobono Hospital.


In 2013, Jo Cole also had her heart broken after she lost her husband of 16 years to cardiac arrest during the early hours of the day. What was most painful was explaining the incident to her son.


Cole said, at first, she was consumed by pain. She relied on adrenaline, caffeine, and encouragement from friends and family to cope. But with time, things got better. She explained that although the pain was there, it was less raw and consuming.

The woman also channeled her pain into starting the Bereaved Children Support York charity to help kids and families cope with their own grief.

The charity provides a monthly drop-in session and a one to one therapeutic support for the children and families. Cole said they have continued to grow and have met great people along the way. Hopefully, both Peluso and Cole can find some comfort in knowing their loved ones are no longer suffering. 


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