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Woman Refuses to Leave No Parking Zone, Construction Workers Block Her and Call the Police

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 20, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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When a man asked a lady to move her car from a no-parking zone because his lorry truck was on the way to use the parking spot, she refused and rolled the window up. A brutal revenge plan immediately struck his mind when the woman started ignoring him. 


At first, the man politely requested the woman to move her car, but when she refused, he wanted to teach her a lesson. He explained that he had planned to park the lumber truck in the parking space because he couldn't unload the materials in the middle of the road. 

However, when the woman refused, he decided to unload on the road, but he made sure to teach her a lesson she would remember for the rest of her life. 

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The Redditor with the username BBQLunch shared that he worked in the construction sector as a foreman and was building a new house located on top of a hill. He had to carry heavy things with his workers from the road to the house because a footpath was the only way to access the house. He explained:

"One of our saving graces is having the two parking spots on the street at the bottom of this hill marked with official No Parking signs."

He usually used the two parking spots to park the trucks to unload the building materials quickly. However, there was something that kept bothering him. An elementary school was located nearby, so people usually parked their cars in those parking spots to pick up their children from the school. 


There was a "No Parking" sign outside the house | Source: Unsplash

The man never bothered the parents until he had to park his trucks in those spots. He would often ask them to leave the spot politely, and they did, until one day, a lady parked her car in the parking spot while waiting for her child. 


A brilliant revenge plan struck OP's mind after hearing those words.

When OP (Original Poster) got a call from the truck driver informing him he would be at the house in a few minutes, he quickly went down the hill to clear the parking spot. 

He received a call from the truck driver | Source: Unsplash


As OP went down the hill, he saw the lady sitting in her car. He walked towards her and politely told her she was parked in a no-parking zone. He asked her if she could park her car elsewhere because his delivery truck would be arriving any minute. She replied:

"I’ll just be a few minutes, and your truck isn’t here, take a chill pill dude."

Before OP could respond, the truck arrived. He gestured the woman to move her car, but she rolled her window up and ignored him. He waved at her while smiling, expecting her to leave the parking spot.

A woman had parked her car outside the house | Source: Unsplash


"WHAT?" shouted the woman angrily as the truck pulled over alongside her car. OP reminded her that she was parked in a no-parking zone and asked her to move. She replied:

"Can’t you guys just unload around me? Jesus, it’s not that hard."

A brilliant revenge plan struck OP's mind after hearing those words. He quickly instructed the driver to park the truck as close to her car as possible. With the portable toilets on one end and the lorry on the other, they had blocked her car, but she had no idea what was going on until her kid arrived. 

She tried to open her door but couldn't get out because the truck was parked too close. So she got off her car from the other side, gave OP and his workers a stern look, and put her child in the back of the vehicle. 


They parked the truck close to her car | Source: Unsplash

Before her child arrived, OP had already called the local police to inform them about the woman parked in a tow-away zone. The police officer told him she would be there within thirty minutes. 


After the woman loaded her child in the backseat, she realized they had blocked her car from all sides. Annoyed, she stormed towards the truck driver, asking him to move the truck because she was in a hurry. He responded:

“Ma’am in order to unload the lumber on the truck we had to unstrap it, and per our company policy I’m not allowed to move the truck with any unsecured load on it. Sorry.”

The woman was angry | Source: Unsplash


The woman's face flushed red with anger as she yelled at the driver. Meanwhile, the police officer arrived and parked her car behind the truck. While she was getting out of her vehicle, OP told the woman:

"Can’t you just pull out around it? It’s not that hard"

The woman yelled at OP, stomped back to her car, and entered through the passenger door. Before the police officer could talk to OP, the woman reversed the vehicle and crashed it into the portable toilets. 

The police officer had arrived | Source: Unsplash


Then she put her car in drive and stepped on the gas pedal, trying to drive on the sidewalk, but her car got stuck on the curb. Meanwhile, OP, the driver, and the police officer stared at the woman in disbelief.

The police officer walked towards the car and ordered the woman to step outside. She looked at the police officer in disbelief, then realized she had violated traffic laws in front of her. OP recounted what happened next:

"She gets slapped in cuffs as the parking officer calls for a second unit and she is promptly sat on the very curb she tried to drive over."

The police officer called another cop | Source: Unsplash


After arguing with two police officers, the woman was arrested for multiple violations. She was charged with child endangerment, reckless driving, destruction of property, and driving on a suspended license. The police also towed the car and arrested the woman after sending her child with his grandmother. 

elgiesmelgie shared that the local council ticketed people for illegal parking so the police could focus on other tasks. The user said their mother once got three tickets in a day, writing:

"She parked illegally then when she saw she was getting a ticket she moved , to another illegal spot and got another ticket , then she thought he had left so she moved her car back to the first spot and he got her again."


The Redditor's mother parked illegally | Source: Unsplash

JewishFightClub replied that they also have a school near their house, and the school tells the parents not to block other people's driveways. However, the parents never listened. The Redditor was often stuck in their home because of unknown cars in their driveway.


The user believed it would be better if the municipal authority started giving tickets on illegal parking. It would help the parents understand why it's wrong to park in other people's driveways. 

Sylvi2021 shared she was disabled, so she parked her car in the handicapped parking outside her daughter's school. However, some other parent had parked their car in those spots most of the time. 

The woman parked in the handicapped parking spot | Source: Unsplash


She believed they must be thinking they would return in a few minutes, but she still thought that was irresponsible behavior.

She also shared that she had always found that spot empty for a few days until another woman started parking there one day. She knew the woman was not handicapped but was afraid to confront her. She didn't want other parents to think badly about her.

Most users supported OP and praised him for taking revenge in the best possible way. 

She always saw other women taking her spot | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

If you were OP, would you let the woman go?

Some people might think OP went overboard with his revenge, thinking he could have let the woman go after realizing he had blocked her car. However, OP might have done the right thing by waiting for the police officer to arrive and take action against the woman. What do you think?

If you were OP, how would you have reacted towards the woman?

There are many ways to approach the situation OP was in. In his case, he opted to get a laugh out of it by giving the woman a dose of her own medicine. If you were OP, what would you have done? 

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