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Natalie Morales & Her Husband Joe Rhodes Share 2 Lookalike Sons — Meet the Adorable Josh and Luke

Laura Beatham
Jan 19, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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Natalie Morales and her husband Joe Rhodes are proud parents to their two sons, Josh and Luke. Josh has had a taste of his mother's career as he once appeared on TV alongside her. 


"The Talk" host Natalie Morales and her husband, Joe Rhodes, have two husband sons, Josh and Luke. Luke was born in September 2008, and his older brother Josh was born in 2004. 

Both boys were born via a c-section, and Morales admitted that their birth made her re-evaluate her idea of being the "perfect" mother and doing things perfectly. 

Natalie Morales posed for a photo on Instagram, 2021 [Left] Morales and her son, Josh Rhodes, in a driving segment for "Today" in 2019 [Right] | Photo: Instagram/nataliemoralestvv & Facebook/Today


She has also spoken candidly about dealing with "mom-guilt." Morales admitted she had felt guilty because she was working too much or over-scheduled herself, so she could not spend quality time with her children.  

Although the former "Today" host has been open with the complex emotions of being a mother, she has also shared the light-hearted and unique times motherhood has brought her. 


In 2014, Morales shared the top 10 things that surprised her about motherhood. One item on the list; she had developed the art of deceiving her children but not so much when it came to sneaking vegetables into their diets. 

In the "Today" article, she admitted Josh and Luke did not enjoy vegetables or anything green. She came up with a plan to hide spinach in a batch of chocolate chip "monster cookies," but the children would not touch them. 


Although the boys might not be on board to try new vegetables, in 2019, Josh showed he was ready to learn a new skill on a segment for the "Today" show in which he got his learner's driver's license and started to practice his driving. 

In the segment, Josh and Morales went through the ins and outs of learning to drive. Josh tried driving with a car simulator before embarking on the road in a real car with his mother in the backseat. 


Morales has also shared glimpses of the boys' lives on Instagram, especially for milestones such as their birthdays. In September 2021, Morales shared a photo of Luke for his 13th birthday and wrote she could not believe he was a teenager. 

While for Josh's 16th birthday, Morales shared a photo of him smiling on the beach and touchingly wrote that it was the "best day ever" when he entered his parents' lives 16 years ago and made them a family. 

Morales married her husband in 1998. Rhodes is the founder and managing partner of Stockton Road Capital LLC. The couple recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in August 2021.