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Man Helps Woman in Trouble on the Road, 3 Years Later He Meets Her Again at His Mother's House

Ayesha Muhammad
Jan 23, 2022
11:40 A.M.
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When a man stopped one day to help a woman stranded on the road, he didn't know they'd cross paths again years later at his mother's place. He then discovered that she was one of the nursing aides taking care of his mother. 


Do you believe in coincidences? The story we're sharing today will offer a sweet inspiration, reinforcing your belief in fate and chance encounters. Nearly eight years ago in 2014, Chris Wright was driving to church with his wife and kids in Georgia. 

Suddenly, he noticed a car parked on the side of the road. It was raining, and he saw a woman with a gas can walking toward a gas station.

Chris Wright's father comforts a teary-eyed TunDe Hector [Left]. TunDe crying her heart out [Right]. | Photo: Wright



Chris knew the gas station was almost half a mile away, so he quickly dropped his family off at church and drove back to find the woman. He then asked her if she was okay or needed help.

The woman only had $5 in her purse and told him she had run out of gas. Chris felt compelled to help the woman, so he offered her a lift, refilled her fuel can, and gave her the $40 he had in his wallet.

She cried uncontrollably and thanked him for his kind gesture. While helping her, Chris learned that the woman was going through trying times and facing financial troubles. 


Chris Wright and TunDe Hector. | Photo: Wright


In Georgia, Chris' mother, Judy Wright, fell sick from Parkinson's disease three years later. After being discharged from the hospital she was staying in, Chris and his family decided to hire nursing aides for Judy at home. 


Hector's heartwarming reaction was captured in a video clip that Chris's wife, Carmer Wright, posted on YouTube on July 18, 2017.

On his mother's first day back home, Chris recalled that his father called him and talked about a kind and devoted aide. Despite not being scheduled, she had come to the house and taken great care of Chris's mom, Judy.

A teary-eyed TunDe Hector. | Photo: Wright



Seeing that his parents were totally taken with the aide, Chris texted her and set up a time for a face-to-face meeting. Her name was TunDe Hector. He didn't recognize her initially because her hair was different.

Even Hector couldn't identify Chris because he wore a hat. When the two started conversing, Hector relayed a story about a warm-hearted man who helped her years ago in the pouring rain.

When the moment of realization came, Chris couldn't hold back his tears. Hector was indeed the woman he had met on the road in 2014. She asked him to take off his hat, and the two shared an emotional moment.


TunDe Hector having an emotional breakdown after discovering what the Wright family did for her. | Photo: Wright


Sadly, Chris's mother passed away on July 9, 2014. The Wright family was devastated, but they were also grateful to Hector for taking good care of Judy. They also learned that Hector aspired to become a nurse.


Resultantly, Chris and his family decided that instead of flowers, they'd request family and friends to help Hector realize her dream of completing her nursing school. They even put up a post on YouCaring, targeting $1,000 in donations.

In less than an hour, they surpassed their target, and within a week, the fundraiser totaled to a whopping $8,000. Now it was time to share the grand news with Hector. The Wright family gathered around as Chris read a letter to Hector. 

TunDe receiving a comforting hug from Chris Wright's father. | Photo: Wright



He started by thanking Hector for her unwavering love and support and being his late mother's "guardian angel." Chris narrated their first encounter on the road, sharing how he and Hector realized their beautiful connection.

Then came the life-altering news, which had the entire house in tears. However, Hector's reaction was soul-stirring as she started bawling and couldn't control her emotions.

She couldn't believe that her life-long dream of becoming a nurse would come true thanks to the Wright family. A teary-eyed Hector expressed: "Lord, have mercy! ... Y'all don't know how worried, I was so worried [about] how I'm going to pay for my school. ... I'm overwhelmed!"



Hector's heartwarming reaction was captured in a video clip that Chris's wife, Carmer Wright, posted on YouTube on July 18, 2017. To date, the viral video has garnered more than 92,000 views. Chris also told ABC News:

"We know that God orchestrated this whole thing and wove it together."

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