Pregnant couple expecting their first child is left shattered after DNA test reveals they're half-siblings | Shutterstock
Source: Pregnant couple expecting their first child is left shattered after DNA test reveals they're half-siblings | Shutterstock

Husband & Wife Who Are Expecting a Child Together Get DNA Test That Proves They're Half-Siblings

Rita Kumar
Jan 24, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A married couple expecting their first child dealt with a unique dilemma after their DNA test results suggested they were half-siblings. 


A private DNA test treated a pregnant couple with the most brutal blow by revealing they were half-siblings having a common parent. 

Posting to Reddit’s “LegalAdvice” forum, user PlasticBagThrow98 took an exciting and unique plight about his wife’s and his paternal roots to the internet’s notice. 

Married couple expecting their first child take their unique dilemma to the internet | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) and his wife had dated for eight years and were married for one. They mutually owned their house in England and were expecting their first child shortly. 

While everything seemed perfect, the couple found out they shared the same father under undisclosed circumstances.

According to the backstory, their dad was “unacceptable” on both sides and he preferred to hide his identity. The man didn’t remain in both their mothers’ lives for long.

OP & his wife were expecting their first child | Photo: Unsplash


While OP knew tidbits about his dad, his wife didn’t know much about her father.  Both their mothers preferred not to name the man as the father in their kids’ birth certificates, to complicate things.

Some highlighted the trouble the couple could face if people discovered they were half-siblings. 

OP’s wife had lived most of her life assuming her mom’s boyfriend was her father while he had a stepdad. The in-depth details of their paternity remained under wraps until they found out under undisclosed circumstances.

The couple's moms didn't record their father's name in their birth certificates | Photo: Pexels


The guy decided to verify the discovery, and eventually, his wife’s mother confessed to him during a rough moment that her daughter’s father was also his dad.

The couple then took a private DNA test to conclude better. The results that arrived later revealed both OP and his wife were half-siblings who shared the same dad. 

They decided not to split but feared what the discovery would mean for their baby and if the child would have any health complications in the future.

The couple took DNA tests privately | Photo: Unsplash


Most of all, OP was terrified that people would find out about their paternity, considering how sensual relations between close family members were strictly against the law.

He exclaimed that he wasn’t sure about how to deal with this dilemma and questioned users on Reddit, saying: “What could happen to us, what can/should we do? Should I just bury it?”

The guy feared people would find out he & his wife shared the same father | Photo: Pexels


The people online flocked to the comments section to flood their sympathies. Some highlighted the trouble the couple could face if people discovered they were half-siblings. 

“Beyond the advice you have received, there is one thing extra that comes to mind,” wrote Redditor flyingalbatross1, adding:

“Should one of you die, and the nature of your relationship is discovered to the extent your marriage is void ab initio, your estate will not automatically pass to your spouse since they were never your spouse.”

Some adviced the couple that passing of the estate could be tricky | Photo: Unsplash


“They entered into a relationship without this knowledge. If they hadn’t done some digging, they wouldn’t even know now,” user rachiepoo81 commented.

A few months later, OP returned with an update, and this time, he sounded confident about not ruining his relationship with his wife over their paternal roots.

Some claimed that the couple wouldn't have entered into this relationship had they known the truth | Photo: Unsplash


The couple welcomed their first baby and had taken precautionary steps to check on the infant’s health so that nothing unexpected popped up.

OP and his wife reaffirmed to stay united regardless of what happened. They ensured not to have more biological children and kept fostering and adoption as their extensive options.

As for their dad, OP had an update on him too. 

“Our biological father has apparently died over the winter, and hopefully, anything he knew died with him,” he concluded.

The couple welcomed their first baby & reaffirmed to stay united | Photo: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the couple would have discovered they shared the same dad had their mothers named him on their birth certificates? 

OP said both his mom and his wife’s mother didn’t name their dad on their birth certificates. And even if they did, it’s still guesswork if the couple would’ve found a mutual match in their paternity without digging through the intricate details. Do you think parents must record their children’s biological father’s name in birth certificates regardless of divorce and other unforeseen circumstances? 

Would the couple’s marriage survive the test of fate on discovering their paternity much later in life? 


OP said that he and his wife had already discovered that they shared the same dad. However, he preferred not to say how they found out but admitted taking the private DNA test to confirm the truth. Either way, the couple discovered they were half-siblings. Though they vowed not split, it’s anybody’s guess if their marriage would’ve stood firm had they found out later in life, particularly after having more biological children.

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