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Pilot Kicks Out Flight Attendant He Finds Unattractive, Colleague Laces His Food with Laxative during Flight

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 22, 2022
01:30 A.M.
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A pilot's colleague laced his food with laxative during a flight because he had kicked out a flight attendant who he thought was unattractive. He only wanted "attractive" women to attend to passengers on his plane.


A Reddit post revealed what happened after the pilot unknowingly ingested a heavy dose of laxatives. The post's author was the husband of the flight attendant who laced the pilot's food.

The pilot was famous for only allowing "attractive women" to serve as flight attendants on his airplane. He didn't like men or "ugly" women working as flight attendants. 

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The Redditor shared that his wife was one of the top flight attendants working for her country's national airline. He narrated an interesting incident from decades ago when he hadn't even met his wife. 

He shared that one particular pilot, "Captain Dick," wanted everything to work the way he liked. He didn't feel ashamed mocking people based on their physical appearances. Everyone knew he always wanted "attractive women" to work as flight attendants on his flights. 

On one of Captain Dick's flights, he was assigned an unattractive flight attendant according to his definition. He picked up the intercom and asked who assigned her to work on his flight. 


The pilot always wanted pretty flight attendants on his flights | Source: Unsplash

After insulting the poor flight attendant, he finally called security, asking them to take the "unattractive" flight attendant off the airplane. 


"This is where it all goes wrong," wrote the Redditor.

The flight attendant was embarrassed as security guards escort her out of the airplane. Other flight attendants on the aircraft watched her leave the plane in tears. 

The flight attendant left the airplane | Source: Unsplash


After the flight, the flight attendants discussed how Captain Dick was rude to the flight staff. They agreed that someone needed to remind him how much he relies on his crew during flights and that they aren't there to please him. 

OP's wife who around during the incident noted that she would be flying with Captain Dick in the coming days. She instantly came up with a brutal revenge plan but chose to keep it confidential. OP explained:

"On the day of that flight, she arrives early and seeks assignment to the cockpit"

She sought assignment to the cockpit | Source: Unsplash


OP explained that one flight attendant was responsible for catering the needs of the pilot, co-pilot, and engineer. Since his wife was attractive according to Captain Dick's standards, he allowed her to serve in the cockpit. 

When it was time for food during the flight, she took out the special ingredient she had brought for Captain Dick. She knew rice and beans were always a part of his meal, so she secretly grated chocolate-flavored laxative into his beans.

She suspected he wouldn't eat more than a few spoonfuls of beans because of the unusual flavor, so she emptied the entire box of laxatives. She had no idea how terrible the consequences would be if he consumed more than the recommended dosage of the laxatives.


The cockpit crew asked the flight attendant for food | Source: Pexels

"This is where it all goes wrong," wrote the Redditor. When OP's wife served the food, she watched Captain Dick take a portion of the beans. He commented that he liked the flavor and had some more.


Within a few minutes, he finished his meal and OP looked at him in horror. She had no contingency plan to execute if Captain Dick consumed all the beans! After twenty minutes, she watched him turn green and rush to the toilet, leaving the airplane to the co-pilot.

As they reached closer to their destination, the co-pilot confessed he didn't know how to land the plane. If they asked him to do it, the chances were that it would result in a crash landing or an overshoot. There was no way he could safely land the plane on the runway! 

The co-pilot couldn't land the plane safely | Source: Unsplash


The flight attendant panicked because she had put the lives of the passengers in danger because of her revenge plan. Many people on the ground would also lose their lives. 

The co-pilot and the flight attendant anxiously waited for Captain Dick to emerge from the restroom, but he had already spent two hours there. Only the flight attendant knew what had happened to him, and she had started feeling guilty.

During the last half hour of the flight, the flight attendant was sure no one would make it out alive. She had assumed the captain had died in the toilet because of a laxative overdose. 

She felt guilty because she had put so many lives in danger | Source: Unsplash


Luckily, Captain Dick emerged from the bathroom at the right time and managed to land the aircraft safely. However, he didn't make it out of the plane on his feet. OP explained:

"Paramedics remove him in a stretcher from the plane before the passengers are disembarked."

Captain Dick spent several days in the hospital before returning to work. The flight attendants noticed he was much more humble and easier to work with since then. The flight attendant's revenge plan did work; however, it wasn't the right thing to do. She put so many people's lives in danger by lacing the pilot's food. 

Captain Dick landed the airplane safely | Source: Pexels


After the flight landed, no one investigated the case in detail. OP's wife suspected it might be because the people assigned to investigate the case already knew about the captain and believed he had it coming. 

OP posted his wife's story on Reddit to share the revenge story with others. A Redditor named Haber-Fritz suggested:

"Maybe people should stop putting laxatives in others food. Just an idea."

Other Redditors shared their thoughts in the comments section | Source: Pexels


OP read the comment and replied that maybe people should stop mistreating others and shaming them for being unattractive.

Meanwhile, Tamalene commented that the revenge was good, but she wouldn't recommend anyone to repeat it.OP replied that his wife agreed, and she felt guilty about it during the last thirty minutes of the flight. He also added that she doesn't like talking about the incident. He explained:

"Most of them do not seem to be aware of the jeopardy the flight was in."

Some people questioned why the co-pilot was there when he didn't know how to land the plane. Other users believed what the flight attendant did was illegal. 


Some Redditors felt the authorities should have investigated the case | Source: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the flight attendant went too far with her revenge plan?


The flight attendant assumed the pilot wouldn't eat more than a few spoonfuls of beans, so she added the entire box of laxatives to ensure he got the correct dose. However, the pilot ate the whole meal and ended up too preoccupied to fly the plane and in the hospital. The plan consequently put the lives of passengers in danger too. Do you think the flight attendant's reasons for revenge was commensurate to the plan she had in motion?

Do you think the authorities should have taken action against the flight attendant? 

OP revealed that the incident happened many decades ago when there were no strict regulations. Had this incident occurred in recent years, the authorities would have sent the flight attendant behind bars for putting the passengers' lives in danger. Do you think the case should have been investigated in detail?

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