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Elderly Man Claims He Was Cured of Cancer after Receiving a Visit from Two Angels

Lois Oladejo
Jan 21, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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An older man once claimed that he was visited by two handsomely dressed angels, after which he was mysteriously cured of cancer — his testimony was quite bizarre. 


Humans are the beings we encounter daily; however, there are some things outside the human realm of control — some call them miracles. 

Everyone enjoys hearing how another person could surmount death and injury. Some years ago, a woman named Courtney took to her Facebook page to testify about a man who changed her life with his miracle. 

Barrett lit up his home with about 150,000 lights in the spirit of Christmas [Left] Roger Barrett and his wife. [Right]. Photo: Facebook.com/roger.barrett.37



Roger Barrett shared his miraculous story with Courtney, who works at the chiropractic office he had started visiting. He was reportedly diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2009 and was offered treatment.

However, there was a catch — the doctors could only help as long as the tumor remained within the bladder. Months went on, and Barett kept up with the hospital visits and follow-ups, but his cancer only worsened. 

He went for another check-up in 2010 and was informed that cancer had finally spread outside his bladder and that nothing could be done to help — according to them, he had only five years left to live. 



Despite what the doctors told him, Barrett refused to give up. Instead, he demanded that any treatment that could help him be carried out, and the doctors agreed

He appeared surrounded by some sort of gas, and he looked to be covered in thunder and flames.

They tried a few other things, but rather than relieve him, the different treatments caused a build-up of infection. Barrett was then informed that the infections would eventually do him if he kept fighting cancer. He was indeed between a rock and a hard place. 



The miracle happened in December; every year, Barrett would light up his home with about 150,000 lights in the spirit of Christmas. He would also invite friends and family to his fire pit and then serve them hotdogs and marshmallows without requesting a dime. 

One Saturday evening, Barrett was busy in his backyard when a couple reportedly arrived in a small car. The sharp man instantly knew that the couple was out of place. The woman wore a gorgeous white coat that fell past her knees while the man wore a picture-perfect suit. 


According to Barrett, they hung around for more than two hours, and all they did was walk around the property while admiring the animated display. After going around the property for the last time, they spoke to Barrett, saying:

 "This is the most beautiful light display we have seen. We saw Jesus more than once through this display." 


Barrett stated that that was what all the lights were about. The man then asked how much it had cost to pull it off. It ranged between $750-$800, which Barrett told them. To that, the man replied:

"Mr. Barrett, you're also having some health problems, aren't you?" 

A puzzled Barrett responded with his predicament; then, the man asked him if he would mind if the couple prayed for him. Barret said he did not mind. 


According to Barrett, the prayer felt like none other, and afterward, the man looked at Barrett and warned him never to think about cancer again and also not to stop doing the light display. 

Uncertain of what to make of it all, Barrett told his wife about the couple, but she, and every other person present at the mini-event, said no such couple came around. 

In 2011, Barrett got a call from his doctor and was told he had become cancer-free. His doctor sent him for more tests after that day, but no cancer cells were found. 


Barrett had been cured, and that's not all; after they returned home, they got their electricity bill, and rather than the huge fee they were supposed to pay, only $187 was charged to their account. 

A similar occurrence happened with a woman who claimed to have seen Jesus four minutes away from death after enduring an ectopic miscarriage. 

According to her, he appeared surrounded by some gas, and he looked to be covered in thunder and flames. Unfortunately, he did not save her baby, but her life did not become forfeit, and she survived the ordeal. It is clear that having something to live for motivates people to fight for their lives. 


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