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Max Thieriot Rumored to Leave 'Seal Team' amid Character's Family Issues - The Actor Is Father of 2 Off-Screen

Esther NJeri
Jan 20, 2022
05:00 P.M.
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Fans of Paramount Network's hit military series "SEAL Team" wait with bated breaths as rumors about Clay Spencer leaving the team continues to circulate.


The show, which is currently in its fifth season, chronicles soldiers' lives in the Bravo team as they take on dangerous and high-stakes missions worldwide.

The season five finale will see the highly trained personnel face some of the show's treacherous challenges. The episode will see the team try to talk their way out after getting caught during a secret mission.

Actor Max Thieriot visits Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" at Universal Studios Hollywood on March 30, 2021 in Universal City, California. | Photo: Getty Images



The potential life-threatening predicament might be just the motivation that Clay, played by Max Thieriot, needs to get out.

Hinting the same, Clay speaks to an unidentified character in the action-packed trailer, saying that it could be his last run with Bravo.

Before getting deployed on his current mission, Clay and his wife Stella Spenser (Alona Tai) welcomed home their baby and expressed his desire to stay home and watch his baby grow.


However, staying home would not be possible if he was on a mission, seeing as they are supposed to drop everything whenever they get deployed. 

What fans thought to be rumors now seem to have taken root as yet another promo hints at it being a reality, with Clay saying he would look for ways to put his family first. The rumors began after Thieriot hinted at possibly leaving the show due to his character's challenges.


After facing some significant setbacks during his deployment in West Africa, Clay came home to the news that his wife was pregnant and his father had cancer. The challenges shifted his perspective, contributing to his desire to leave the team. 

Clay felt it would be challenging to balance being a great fighter in the field and taking care of his pregnant wife and sick father.


In the current episode, the team is faced with a tough decision ahead of the big strike against the Venezuelan nukes program.


After the team confronts Jason about the Mali building collapse that landed Bravo in the hospital, the team is back to working together again. After a nasty exchange with the VSP foot patrol, the team cannot wait to get out of Venezuela.


When Thieriot is not fighting at wars, the actor is a proud husband to Alexis Murphy and a father of two. While the actor went to great lengths to keep his wife's pregnancy a secret in 2015, he let his fans know when his son Beau was born.

Announcing the good news on his Instagram and Twitter, Thieriot shared a cute photo of the little boy wrapped up in a towel sleeping in what appears to be a pot of potpourri. Their second son was born in 2018.