Young Lady Finds Letter Addressed to Her in Mom's Dresser, Recognizes Late Dad's Handwriting

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 29, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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She opened her mother's drawer and noticed a letter sandwiched between other documents. Curious, she unfolded it and read her name written in familiar handwriting. It took her a few seconds to realize her late father had written the letter for her.


The young woman recently got married to a man she had been dating for the past six years. She had moved into a new house with him.

Previously, she lived with her husband in her mother's house, so it was time for her to pack her belongings. Her mother told her to get her documents from her drawer, so she quickly went into her mother's room and opened the drawer and she found a letter inside. 

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The woman with the Reddit username bridgetlongons shared that she had two daughters with her late husband. The elder one was Mia, and the younger daughter was Immy.

Her husband passed away nine months after the doctors diagnosed him with a brain tumor. He lived three more months than what the doctors had predicted. She explained:

"He was always positive, and decided a few weeks after his diagnosis that he would write letters for our daughters for significant events in their lives."

The father decided to leave letters for his daughters | Source: Unsplash


OP (Original Poster) shared that she had known her husband since she was a child, and they got married when they turned 18. She confessed it was difficult to live without her "soulmate."

She could feel his presence by reading his words, so she didn't want to give it up.

She felt sad knowing they were approaching their 20th wedding anniversary when he passed away. His death made the woman grow closer to her daughters as they grieved the loss together.

She confessed it was getting difficult to live without her husband | Source: Pexels


A few months later, her daughter Mia got married to a man she had been dating for six years. OP's husband had written a letter for Mia and told OP to give it to her on her wedding day. However, OP revealed:

"Her wedding day comes around and I just can’t bring myself to give her the letter."

Seeing her husband's beautiful handwriting had made her emotional. She could feel his presence by reading his words, so she didn't want to give it up.

She could feel her husband's presence | Source: Pexels


She wanted to keep the letter but decided she would give Mia all the other letters that her father had written for different occasions. At the time, her daughters had no idea about the letters. 

After the wedding, Mia and her husband had to move into their new house, so they packed their belongings from OP's place. When Mia asked OP where all her important documents were, she told her they were in her drawer. 

Mia entered her mother's room and opened the drawer. She skimmed through the documents and found a letter sandwiched between them. Curious, she unfolded it and saw her name written on it. 

Mia found the letter in OP's drawer | Source: Pexels


She immediately recognized the handwriting and broke into tears after realizing her beloved father had penned the letter for her. However, she was angry at her mother. OP explained:

"She came and found me and started screaming at me asking how I could be so selfish."

OP didn't know what to tell her daughter. She just expressed her wish to keep the letter, telling her daughter she could take a photo of it instead. She expected her daughters to understand her feelings, but they blamed her for hiding their father's things from them. 

OP told her daughter she wanted to keep the letter | Source: Pexels


Their words made OP feel guilty about what she did, so she thought about writing a Reddit post asking other people if she was at fault. ScienceNotKids replied:

"YTA and she's right, you are selfish, and a thief. That wasn't yours to keep."

The Redditor shared that her father died when she was 17, and she felt so lonely walking down the aisle without him. She confessed it would have "meant the world" to her if she got a letter from her late father on her wedding day. 

Another Redditor shared she also got married after her father's death | Source: Pexels


Meanwhile, JMLKO asked OP why she wanted to deprive her daughters of "something so cherished" and urged her to give the letters to her daughters because it was her late husband's wish. sweetjacket wrote:

"Your only role was to be your husband's postman and you couldn't handle that."

The Redditor labeled OP as a "self-centered, narcissistic mother." Most users agreed that OP was at fault for keeping the letter against her late husband's wish.

Most users believed OP disrespected her late husband's wish | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should have shared her feelings with her daughter earlier?

Had OP told her daughter about her feelings earlier, she might have allowed her to keep the letter with her. OP's daughter blamed her for being selfish because the letter came to her as a shock. All she could understand was that her mother kept the precious letter from her. If OP had given her the letter on her wedding day and had later expressed her wish of keeping the letter, maybe things would have played out differently. What do you think?

Do you think OP was being unreasonable?


OP disregarded her late husband's wishes by keeping the letter with her. Some people might agree that she was being unreasonable. However, other people may defend that she wasn't thinking clearly after losing her life partner. What do you think? Was OP being unreasonable?

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