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White Couple Adopts 5 Black Foster Kids So They Won't Be Separated

Lois Oladejo
Jan 29, 2022
03:40 P.M.
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A white Cincinnati couple moved people to tears when they decided to adopt five Black kids who are also siblings to keep them from being separated. They didn't want the children to grow up apart. 


One of the realities of siblings placed in foster care is that the kids can be separated, and some might never even find a home or family to adopt them.

The fears of five Black kids, William, Truth, Marianna, Keyora, and KJ, were alleviated when a white Cincinnati couple, William and Julie Rom, decided to adopt the siblings.

William Rom and Keyora during the adoption ceremony [left] and Julie Rom and KJ during the adoption ceremony [right] | Photo : 12



On the morning of July 27, 2017, at the Hamilton County Probate Court, William and Julie Rom became parents to five children: William, Truth, Marianna, Keyora, and KJ.

William and Julie, who have no biological children but have been foster parents for a decade, decided to adopt the five siblings they had fostered between 2014 and 2016. 

The kids, all birthed by the same mother, were placed in foster care due to environments deemed unconducive for their age. 

William and Julie Rom at the Hamilton County Probate Court | Photo : 12



Speaking in the courtroom, the kids' new father, William, revealed he had wanted to be a dad all his life, to have sons he could play sports with. 

His wife, Julie, switched her jobs to be closer and spend more time with the kids. The couple also moved from a three-bedroom apartment to a bigger five-bedroom home to better accommodate the children. 

William declared the kids were already a part of their family because they'd fostered them for years but adopting them was just a way of making things official. 

William, Truth and Marianna at the adoption ceremony | Photo : 12


On her part, Julie declared she and her husband William decided they would never uproot kids that come into their home. She said

"God has really provided for us with upgrading vehicles to accommodate and housing." 

The couple knew it was essential to keep the children together because the young kids had lost so much already. 

William and Julie Rom with Keyora, and KJ at the adoption ceremony | Photo : 12



Presiding over the matter, Judge Ralph Winkler praised them for adopting all five children at once. He noted that it would have been heartbreaking and foolish to separate the kids and that William and Julie were also helping the foster system. Judge Winkler said

"You're helping the whole community by adopting five children, but you're also supporting the system by encouraging other people to do it, saying it can be done. It's not impossible."


Present at the hearing was also Ann Boyle, a former teacher of the two eldest boys. She was pleased to have witnessed the decision and struggled to hold back tears as she thanked the new parents. 

The children were also delighted by the decision, and they were all smiling at the realization they would get to stay together forever. However, that's not the only touching adoption story out there. 

In 2018, two brothers who lived in separate foster homes got the surprise of their lives when the same family adopted them. The brothers had feared being separated for life as they already lived in different homes.


Sometimes, they got to see each other monthly, only for them to be separated again. However, all that changed when a father-of-one saw the brothers and was immediately drawn to them. 

The nice man, Dr. Robert Beck, ended up adopting them. The two brothers never saw it coming as they thought they were only in court for photo ops, but it turned out they were at their adoption hearing. 

The brothers not only got to live together, but they also got a bonus sibling. Their story is just as touching as William and Julie's, and hopefully, cases like this will continue to happen.