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Martha Stewart, Once Married for 29 Years, Dated Anthony Hopkins until She Saw Him in 'Silence of the Lambs'

Olawale Ogunjimi
Jan 28, 2022
01:40 P.M.
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Martha Stewart, a culinary wiz, entrepreneur, TV personality, and writer, prevails as one of America's female jack of all trades. Yet, despite her doggedness, she has been through some rough times, including getting divorced after twenty-nine years of marriage and falling in and out of love. 


Martha Stewart, a former model, is famous for her cooking TV show "Martha Knows Best," her cookbooks, and is the owner of many businesses. She proudly wears the crown as the "first female self-made billionaire."

She was trained to be independent and strive for greatness from a young age. This was inherited from her father, who was shrewd in all his ways. However, being overambitious has its downsides. According to a relative, such behavior extended to him being "supercritical" and was also the "family's curse."

Martha Stewart during The CORO Foundation Honors Meredith Brokaw at Tavern on the Green [left], Anthony Hopkins during 65th Annual Academy Awards [right] | Photo: Getty Images


As expected, Martha was a brilliant child who, at age 10, had already harnessed her gifts for organizing things. Nevertheless, she could plan a party, and as a teenager, this determination made it less challenging to venture into the fashion world.

She became a model and featured in commercials. As a young woman, Martha had uncountable suitors from different continents, all offering her heaven and earth. Finally, she settled for a Yale student, whom she remained married to for twenty-nine years.

After her divorce, the TV personality began a love affair with actor Anthony Hopkins. Unfortunately, their romance was short-lived after she saw him in a movie. Still, Martha failed to stop believing in love and has had other relationships.


Martha Stewart attends the The Hollywood Reporter's 9th Annual Most Powerful People In Media at The Pool on April 11, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Martha found Andy Stewart, a law student from Yale, as her best bet. His seriousness intrigued her, and the former model married him a year after they began dating.


The couple shared similar values, which helped them shape their lifestyle while they lived in Manhattan. Martha soon became a stockbroker and was interested in gardening her orchids during her spare time.

By 1972, the duo moved to Westport, building a farmhouse. Martha, who had a child, Alexis, decided to focus on her culinary skills. She retired from the stock market to venture into catering.

Martha Stewart and husband, publisher Andy Stewart, outside their home | Photo: Getty Images


At the start of the business, the newbie became acquainted with Norma Collier. Both women partnered, but conflict arose after Collier overheard Martha gloating on being the better cook.

Despite the severed partnership, the former model thrived in her business. However, while her career soared, her marriage suffered greatly. Collier explained that her former business partner was highly critical of Andy.

Andy also confirmed that his ex-wife never turned a blind eye to his eccentricities. By 1987, he left their home, and in 1990, the formerly happy couple had dissolved their marriage.


Their separation hurt everyone, including their daughter, who stopped speaking to Andy, Martha's brother George, who "took it very hard," and most especially the estranged couple. They never reformed their relationship and have not been on speaking terms. According to the cookbook author:

"Getting divorced was a terrible thing for me because we were the first to divorce in my family. And that we haven't spoken since the divorce is even more painful."



After her first marriage, she fell for the Welsh-born actor Anthony Hopkins. However, their relationship was brief. She admitted to being in love with the award-winning actor but added that her feelings changed after seeing him in 1991's "Silence of the Lamb."

The culinary connoisseur revealed that she could not separate her lover from his character as Hannibal Lecter in the film. Even though he won an Oscar for portraying the flesh-eating forensic psychiatrist, the on-screen star was not smitten by the frightening role. A few days ago, during a guess-the-lie game on "The Ellen DeGeneres," the 80-year-old said:


"I have a big, scary house in Maine that's way by itself on 100 acres in a forest, and I couldn't even imagine taking Anthony Hopkins there. I couldn't because all I could think of was him eating, you know."


Like Martha, Hopkins has been married before ( he is a two-time divorcee). His first marriage ended in 1972, and the second crashed in the early 2000s. The actor is currently with his third wife, Stella Arroyave, whom he married in 2003.

Arroyave, who is younger than her husband, has been a game-changer by influencing the actor positively. He met her when he was depressed and addicted to alcohol, and somehow, she hampered his outlook on life.



The cookbook author had a vibrant attitude, and despite her failed romance with Hopkins, which she admitted could have blossomed, she kept an open mind, waiting for her Mr. Right.

After leaving the actor, Martha dated Charles Simonyi, a billionaire who worked in Microsoft. The couple endured an on-and-off romance for fifteen years before separating in 2008.

Her failed relationship with Simonyi did not deter her from bonding with men. Martha Stewart is no stranger to forming unexpected bonds, like the one she shares with Rapper, Snoop Dogg who has appeared on her cooking show.


At her age, the former model remains refreshingly honest about her needs. Martha once passed a flirtatious remark at another rapper, Rick Ross, and talked about how she dated an Egyptian younger than her daughter.

However, the relationship could not continue because he looked older than his age. While on the "The Wendy Williams Show," she revealed being hopeful for a Mr. Right who must be ten years her junior.

In the past, Martha's friend, Mariana Pasternak, betrayed her by revealing a secret about her love life in a book. Pasternak explained that the TV personality scared men away due to her desperation.


The writer attributed the term "Fatal-Attraction style stalking'' to the business magnate, stating that Martha would focus on her catch until she caught his attention. Pasternak also added that her former BFF grabbed a man's private part in a fancy restaurant. 


A few years after her declaration of being available in the market, the TV personality stated that she was in a relationship with a mystery man. In December, the culinarian told Andy Cohen that some famous suitors messaged her following her summer photo, and she is off the market.

Over the years, Martha has proven to be an Amazon by not letting her past struggles, including a few years of unstable relationships and divorce, serve as limitations. Today, Martha is still excited and hopeful about her future, business and impacts.