Mother-In-Law Wears a Wedding Dress to Her Son's Wedding

Lois Oladejo
Jan 28, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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Weddings are often one of the happiest days in a bride's life; however, one woman had to share her shine with her mother-in-law, who rocked a white dress to their wedding.


Studies have shown that women look forward to their wedding day more than anything else. This special event usually requires much attention to detail and planning. For the bride, it is a day where she is the envy of everyone.

However, not everybody experiences the uniqueness of being at the center of attention on their wedding day. 40-year-old romance writer Amy Pennza shared her hilarious wedding experience in a series of Twitter posts.

Amy Pennza and her mother-in-law Terri at her wedding [left] Amy Pennza and her mother-in-law Terri at her wedding [right] | Photo :



Although Pennza married almost two decades ago, she shared the story years later. The mom-of-four confessed that, like anyone else, she looked forward to her walking down the aisle with the love of her life.

However, Pennza's dreams were squashed after learning she was the second person to walk into the hall wearing a white dress. Her mother-in-law had arrived before her, rocking a white gown.


Pennza shared her story, trying to gain attention enough to get her into the #WeddingFails game on the popular American TV show, "The Tonight Show," featuring Jimmy Fallon. The romance writer posted:

"My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter. #weddingfail @jimmyfallon."


The post racked up over 50k likes after Pennza shared it. Several users were curious over how the rest of the day went, and Pennza admitted that she was left disappointed. She, however, managed to say to her mother-in-law, "You... You could be the bride..."

Pennza said others in her bridal team noticed the situation but were cautious not to spoil her day with so much detail. She added that her sister and maid of honor hoped she would be too busy to notice because of the awkwardness.



Everyone at the wedding expected Pennza to overreact or attack her mother-in-law, but things ended differently. According to her:

"I'm happy to report the wedding unfolded without bloodshed, or anyone being shoved into the champagne fountain."

Despite all the suggestions from other users, Pennza defended her mother-in-law, adding that her actions were not malicious. According to the mom of four, her mother-in-law is extremely frugal and simply bought the dress because it was a good bargain.


Pennza went on to share some background stories about her second mom. According to her, Terri, her mother-in-law, came from an impoverished home, which made her extremely creative in saving money. 

Terri often searched for cheaper options rather than spending cheerfully on things. Pennza wrote that the fear of having nothing was a big part of Terri's life, and despite how much she had, she always tried not to spend it.



Pennza further added that Terri's humble background did not make her selfish or cruel; instead, it made her a good negotiator, which sometimes serves as a source of humor during family gatherings.

Rather than bear grudges, the family has moved past the event and sees the funny side of things. Pennza ended the story by listing a series of generous acts Terri has done to make up for the bizarre unintended moment.