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‘Blue Bloods’ Amy Carlson Is a Loving Wife to Husband Syd Butler for 17 Years & Doting Mom of 2 Kids

Olawale Ogunjimi
Feb 06, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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"Blue Bloods" alum Amy Carlson is an amazing wife to her musician husband, Syd Butler. The pair have shared nearly two decades of their lives, and despite their busy schedules, they manage their career and home brilliantly. 


Amy Carlson may not have an Oscar, but she is a successful actress with fantastic T.V. credits to her name, from 1964's "Another World" to "Law & Order" and "Blue Bloods."

Carlson, who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Daytime Series category in 1998, gives riveting performances that reflect a powerful female personality.

Musician Syd Butler, actress Amy Carlson and producer John Sacret attend the Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Party at Hotel Gansevoort April 22, 2004 [left], Amy Carlson's kids in an Instagram photo [center], Amy Carlson attend as Equality Now celebrates 25th Anniversary at "Make Equality Reality" Gala at Gotham Hall on October 30, 2017 [right] | Photo: Getty Images


The actress's strong character on-screen has been the most significant in works like "Third Watch," as Alex Taylor, "Falcone," as Maggie Pistone, and "Blue Bloods," where she played Linda Reagan.

Despite her impression on the big screens, the "Blue Bloods" star cherishes family life. She is a loving wife to her husband, Syd Butler, and an excellent parent to their two kids.

Amy Carlson attending the 2018 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards in Louisville, Kentucky in September 2018. | Photo: Getty Images.



Carlson was born and raised in Illinois, Chicago, with her three siblings. During her teenage years, she lived in the Middle East, and her parents, who were teachers, taught in an American school.

Her early years were filled with touring Europe and camping around the U.S. alone and with her family. Carlson also traveled to Rwanda, in Africa, after the 1994 war to aid relief efforts.


Despite the frequent trips, she was a unique student with artistic talents, including acting and writing, that earned her victories in school competitions.

Carlson also set the pace as an athlete, becoming the first-ever 3200 meters winner in the Illinois girls track. Following an injury, she gave up on sports to focus on acting. 

The actress appeared in numerous on-stage roles, including "Fifth of July," and displayed her directing skills in Wallace Shawn's "Aunt Dan and Lemon."


She retained the same doggedness when she entered Knox College. The Illinois native majored in East Asian history and a concentration in theater and graduated with distinction with a B.A.


As stated earlier, Carlson has achieved an impressive feat in her career, despite starting as a low-key celebrity. She has worked tenaciously, and her creativity has earned her the hearts of many, as well as scripts from producers and a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.


Fans recall that her status became more prominent in the Hollywood chain when she played Linda in "Blue Bloods" for six seasons. Still, despite having only a 1998 Daytime Emmy Award nomination, the actress displays a passion for her craft.

Carlson was so admired by a wide range of audiences on the "Blue Bloods" series that fans were displeased after her exit in season 7, following Linda's helicopter death.

The actress took to social media to post her departure after an expired contract with the producers, and in an interview, confessed to being shocked about fans' reactions.


Carlson added that she felt honored and complimented them as being "sweet" for reaching out to her. The "Blue Bloods" star also mentioned that she is open to appearing on the series to give viewers the closure needed. According to her:

"Yeah, I think it's been hard on the fans, I never wanted it to end that way. So I feel sad for the fans because everyone wants closure, and I hear that from a lot of the fans. So of course, I'd be open to that. Sure."



Amid making fans content, another of Carlson's life goals is to be happy with her family, which she created with Syd Butler, a bass guitarist (he created the 8G band) for Seth Myers's band on his talk show.

Like his wife, Butler is successful at what he does. He is the President of Frenchkiss records, where his wife works as a writer and music executive. He also works as the bass player in Les Savy Fav.


The couple met at a "Saturday Night Live" after-party. They tied the knot in 2004 and started their family in 2006 when they welcomed their daughter, Lyla. Two years later, their second-born, Nigel, joined the team.

Ever since Carlson became a family woman, she has been dedicated to making things work with the help of her husband. The couple has shared their magical love for nearly two decades by appreciating and supporting each other.


In their 2020 anniversary post, Carlson shared a throwback photo of Butler firmly planting a sweet kiss on her smiling face. She laced the post with a captivating caption that read:

"Happy Anniversary @sydfkr you are a great partner in the #Quar thanks for always challenging yourself to be better and now we can all surmise what you saw in me."


The bass guitarist opted for a throwback snap to celebrate the day, too, adding that he is better at complimenting in person than on social media. Still, he ended the post with, "so I'll just say I love you."

Apart from sharing their thoughts online, the pair consistently keeps the fire burning. No wonder it has lasted for seventeen years. Their dates often include attending baseball games and hanging out with their buddies.



The former low-key actress is actually a low-profile celebrity who loves to keep her family business away from the news. However, she sometimes shares fun family photos and her kids' milestones online, including school grades and birthdays.


A few months ago, the mother of two showcased a snap of her young ones, 15 and 12, excited about their new grades, 10 and 7, respectively. She talked about the challenges caused by quarantine and appreciated teachers "who carried them through" the season.

Lyla and Nigel are the actress's doppelgangers, and while they have inherited her looks, they have some peculiar talents too. For now, the mother of two is yet to share her son's passion, but Lyla is great at singing and loves to practice with her dad.


Another interesting thing about the family is that Carlson lovingly teaches her kids to have fun while seeing the world. The family schedules frequent hike vacations and has photos of how they have enjoyed spending time as a bunch outdoor.

In one of their travel posts, Carlson gave a detailed analysis of where they have toured, backed by pictures. It included Rome, France in 2013, Egypt in 2014, Chester in 2015, Mexico in 2016, Dollywood in 2017, Wyoming in 2018, and Amsterdam in 2019.



After she departed from the series, the actress harnessed her music passion and worked on projects like "Office Romance" and "Holiday of Love." 

She also starred as a music executive on the drama/comedy titled "The Incoherents." After getting introduced to the film by Andrienne Stern, the actress confessed that she fell in love with it instantly because of her connection to music. 

While working on films and music, Carlson is also having the time of her life as the doting mother to two kids and a loving wife.