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Jaclyn Smith’s 4th Husband Saved Her Dad’s Life - She Feels ‘Protected’ in Her Longest Marriage

Gaone Pule
Feb 09, 2022
09:20 A.M.
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Actress Jaclyn Smith, best known for her role as Kelly Garrett in the television series “Charlies’ Angles,” had to get married four times to find the man she wanted to be with forever.


TV star Jaclyn Smith has said “I do” four times and wed her first husband, fellow actor Roger Davis in 1968 but later divorced in 1975. 

Smith moved on with another actor Dennis Cole whom she married in 1978, but the pair officially split in 1981 following three years of marriage. 

(L) Actress Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett during Season 1 of the drama series "Charlie's Angels," aired on July 22, 1976. (R) Brad Allen and Jaclyn Smith arrive to the "Snowflower and The Secret Fan" Los Angeles screening at the Fox Studio Lot on July 11, 2011 in Century City, California. Photo: Getty Images


Walking down the aisle for the third time, she tied the knot with English cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond in 1981, and they separated in 1989.

Interestingly, the businesswoman spoke candidly about her previous marriages and shared the first ones did not count because of their nature as she explained:

“I don’t count the first ones. They were no good. In my innocence, ‘I thought you didn’t live with somebody ‘unless you were married.’ I got smart, though.”

Jaclyn Smith and her new husband, actor Dennis Cole attend the 23rd Annual Thalians Ball at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles, 1978. Photo: Getty Images


Given her overall experience with her marriages, Smith said she would not have married the three men: “Probably not. Why waste my time.”

Part of the problem in her unions was that her first two spouses could not cope with her success. “They were both actors, and they didn’t like it,” Smith continued to divulge

Her third husband, Richmond, struggled with substance addiction, and so she left the marriage because “I couldn’t deal with drugs, I couldn’t deal with alcohol,” said the Texas native while pointing out that things could have worked out if not for such. 

Jaclyn Smith and husband Tony Richmond pose for a photograph on August 23, 1982 in New York City. Photo: Getty Images


The former couple welcomed two children together Gaston, 39, and Spencer Margaret, 36 and Smith revealed that Richmond was a wonderful father, adding:

“The one thing we can’t deny; we created two beautiful children together.”

Smith had already married three times by the time she had her brood in her late 30s. “I’m all for people not putting up with the mess,” she said of her early divorces.



The 76-year-old met her future fourth husband, Brad Allen, a heart surgeon when he operated on her father in Houston nearly thirty years ago. 

One evening when he had done his rounds, Smith’s mom asked him to walk her daughter to her car. Of the gesture, the “Bridal Wave” star thought Allen was merely being polite to her mother, adding they had dinner and discovered what they had in common was their love of family. 


Speaking of which, it was of utmost importance that Smith’s kids approved of Allen. In an interview on the American chat show “Home and Family,” the mom of two explained how her children influenced her decision to bring Allen into her life:  

"I had two children; it wasn’t a one-way decision anymore. It wasn’t just about me, so they had to be ready, and they love Brad, and he’s been an incredible stepdad. That's number one, to be a good stepdad.”


Dr. Allen of the Univerisity of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center has no children but was extremely close with his parents. Nonetheless, according to his wife, he is a fantastic father figure to her kids. 

“He’s an incredible stepfather, said Smith, “my children are his, and Bea (her granddaughter) calls him Pop-Pop,” the TV veteran added.


In an interview with Closerweekly, Smith admitted her mother set them saying, “Who would have dreamed it could have happened?” right before she stated Allen was kindhearted and that she saw his pure heart when she met him. 

On October 11, 1997, the lovebirds got hitched in a candlelight ceremony in Los Angeles after dating for seven years. One of the Chicago native’s colleagues described the duo’s relationship “as quiet as they get.”



When asked what made her marriage work with Allen in an interview with Closer Weekly, Smith shared she and her spouse have similar values and upbringing. 

Spiritually they are in tune with each other, and his love for her children has enabled them to keep their union going. When asked whether love got better with age, the “Free Fall” star said:

“I think so. There is a safe feeling that’s hard to compare to anything else. Just being a true partner, and that person having your back. I feel loved and protected.”


In addition to their stronghold, the couple has flown around Europe and explored romantic cities like Vienna, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Speaking of the experience, Smith said going the distance is a good thing because two people share memories and build history. 

“I want this one to be forever,” she said of her blissful marriage with Allen. Smith once gushed about her love journey with the doctor and said it was marvelous. 


As she gets older, she realizes what their time together means for her, saying: “It might sound corny or like a fairy tale, but what makes me the happiest - especially at my age now - is just being near the people I love.”

Smith and Allen live quite a simple life as she once admitted that she was a homebody, adding she needed to get out more. However, now being a grandmother, when a chance to babysit presents itself, “it wins over everything.” This is her longest marriage to Allen, as they have been married for 24 years.


Although her life appears to be smooth sailing now, the Hollywood starlet had to overcome a health issue after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. 

Smith told Fox News in November 2018 that she had a friend who went through the same thing, and she was by her side throughout her struggle. She did not go to an appointment without her pal and considered herself lucky. 


Upon learning about her diagnosis, Smith shared her first reaction was to have a double mastectomy. However, it later made sense for her to have a lumpectomy instead, and her spouse was supportive during her cancer battle. 

Allen also helped his wife with a skincare line containing anti-aging ingredients consisting of seven pieces, analyzed them for years, and broke them down. “He undertook the project as a labor of love, and being a doctor was perfect for doing it," Smith explained.



As a result, she looks as young as ever, evidently, in a snapshot she posted in December last year with her son Gaston on Instagram in which she captioned: “My Son-Shine!”

Fans quickly pointed out that she had a youthful appearance as one user mentioned that Gaston rather looked like his mom’s brother instead of her son. Another person noted: “God gave you some good genes, Jacqueline.” A third said the pair looked like siblings.


Smith once shared her secrets to staying healthy after 60, saying the first most important thing was getting enough sleep and having a skincare routine that one does not need to slave to. 

Thirdly, she mentioned exercising and explained she did not drink or smoke while noting smoking contributed to the aging process. Lastly, Smith said one needs to “be good to yourself” and advised people her age to read a book weekly or daily or soak in the bath. 


When asked what she thought about aging in Hollywood, the Golden Globes nominee shared her mother always told her never to talk about money, religion, or politics. 

Jokingly she added that anti-aging might be part of the list as she giggled. Smith noted every aspect of life has something unique, and hers certainly does. 


At the time, she was not a grandmother yet and hoped her children would make her one, adding more joy to her life. Smith said to dwell on looks, or the superficial does not bring one happiness, adding that family brought her joy and peace. 

Love probably also helps Smith stay healthy and youthful as she admitted in 2018 that she is “still a lucky girl” to be married to her man, she gushed in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly. 

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