Woman Advised to Terminate Pregnancy 10 Times Is Happy She Refused after Seeing Her Baby

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 08, 2022
04:20 P.M.

Multiple doctors advised her to terminate her pregnancy, but one woman ignored them. After her beautiful baby was born, she was happy she followed her gut instinct.


During her 22-week scan, a woman from Manchester, England, received some sad news that no parent-to-be wants to hear. Doctors told Natalie Halson that her unborn child was suffering from a health condition called spina bifida.

Medical staff warned the mother about the consequences and advised her to have an abortion in 2018. The condition results in an undeveloped spine, and her child would potentially struggle to walk and have a poor quality of life.

Baby Mirabelle who was born with spina bifida [left] Natalie Halson is pregnant with her daughter [right] | Photo: facebook.com/natalie.hadfield.3

Baby Mirabelle who was born with spina bifida [left] Natalie Halson is pregnant with her daughter [right] | Photo: facebook.com/natalie.hadfield.3


Halson was devastated when she found out about her baby's condition. She cried and broke down, but she made a big decision after some time. The mom-to-be had a gut feeling that she should continue with the pregnancy.


She worked as an assistant radiographer and educated herself on the condition. Halson did as much as she could in preparation for the birth, and she was excited about her baby's arrival.


Sadly, despite her decision to keep the child, doctors continued to advise that she terminate the pregnancy. They reminded her of the challenges her child would face, and in the 33rd week of pregnancy, they were still insisting she abort. Halson shared:


"The medics just wouldn't take no for an answer. It was so insistent even after I'd repeatedly said no, but it was getting offered a termination just weeks before she was born—that really upset me."


Mirabelle was born, and as soon as Halson laid eyes on her, she knew she had made the right decision for herself and her growing family. Mirabelle had surgery on her spine after birth and was discharged from the hospital a month later.

While the baby girl's future development remains uncertain, Halson is happy she did not listen to the ten doctors who encouraged her to abort. The mother added: "I am so glad I refused. Mirabelle really is a miracle."



Halson shared her story to highlight the importance of considering one's options before making a decision. Whether parents decide to keep their babies or not is a personal choice that must be made without unrelenting interference from doctors.

She hopes medical professionals will share all of the facts with expecting parents in the future. This would ensure parents know that termination of pregnancy is not their only option. Halson expressed:


"I would recommend to any parents who are advised to abort, that it isn’t the only option no matter what the hospitals try and tell them. And always go with your gut instinct."


Doctors offer parents-to-be their professional opinion, but they cannot force a mother to have an abortion regardless of the circumstances. In 2014, a mother-of-three was surprised when she discovered she was pregnant with twins.

Doctors told Michelle Brantley and Bryan Mirabal that their babies were omphalopagus conjoined twins and notified them about the challenges and concerns. However, the couple decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Thankfully, the twins had a successful separation surgery and grew into adorable youngsters that graduated from preschool in 2020. Theirs and Mirabelle's stories show parents that they must decide they feel comfortable with it despite what doctors say because babies can overcome devastating diagnoses.

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