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Suffering Homeless Vet Is Ignored on the Street, One Day a Beautiful Woman Kindly Approaches Him

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 10, 2022
10:20 A.M.
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A military veteran spent years living on the street without assistance from the people who passed by him. He was alone and struggled to get by because of various injuries. One day someone noticed him and changed his life forever. 


A Philadelphia man would wheel himself to the same street corner every day, hoping someone would stop to help him. The military veteran was in pain after being shot and later hit by a car. 

John Lochlan was in pain after his injuries led to an infection in his legs. Things were not looking good, and he might not have survived much longer if not for the kindness of a stranger. 

Homeless veteran John Lochlan begs on the street [left] Lolly Galvin holds the hand of the homeless man she befriended [right] | Photo: 29 Philadelphia



When a woman approached him in 2016 to ask if he wanted a haircut, he initially declined the offer. However, two weeks later, he agreed—little did he know that his life was about to change. 

Lolly Galvin, the founder of the Dignity Project that helped homeless people, developed a friendship with Lochlan. He was cold toward her because he had given up on humanity, but she managed to get through to him.   

Homeless military veteran John Lochlan has his hair cut | Photo: 29 Philadelphia



Galvin was concerned about his physical state and knew she needed to do something. She expressed: "I have never seen someone on the streets in the condition he was in, he was not doing well, and I knew he wasn't doing well." 

Thanks to Galvin's interest in him and her continued support, he had a reason to fight. The veteran shared

"Somebody cared about me, somebody talked to me and really cared." 

Lolly Galvin visits John Lochlan in the hospital | Photo: 29 Philadelphia



One person was all it took to make a difference and save his life. Galvin ensured Lochlan's infection was treated and arranged the much-needed surgery for his back injuries. 

He never believed he would walk again, but thanks to rehab and therapy, he made good progress and was able to walk around the nursing home where he recovered.

John Lochlan walks around the nursing home | Photo: 29 Philadelphia



For the first time in years, he could move without any pain. Lochlan told people to keep believing and hoping that things would get better for them. 

The formerly homeless man also had a message of encouragement. He said

"My message is, don't ever give up on people because there's good people out there." 



Sadly, homeless people are often overlooked, save for a few kind strangers who stop to find out how they can help. Shalla Monteiro of Brazil was a woman much like Lolly Galvin, who took the time to care for a man in need.

Monteiro befriended Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho in 2011 and discovered he was a talented writer. She shared his story and some of his work online, and it went viral. People were eager to help, and the post caught Sobrinho's brother's attention.

The homeless man was reconnected with his family, and Monteiro was happy to help her new friend. Monteiro and Galvin gave the two men another chance at life by simply taking an interest in them and their stories. 


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