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Little Boy Wakes up at Night and Sees a Shadow in His Room, Later No One Believes Him

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 11, 2022
06:20 A.M.
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One night, a boy experienced something strange while he was asleep. He woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow in his room. Terrified, he told everyone about it, but no one believed him. 


The 23-year-old boy wrote a Reddit post talking about a strange incident that took place when he was 8. He remembered every detail since the incident had shocked him. 

It all started when he woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow in his room. However, things took a different turn when he shared the incident with his parents and friends.

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The Redditor named ViceAdmiralYoung shared that thinking about the incident still sent shivers down his spine. He recalled living with his family in a house at the end of a highway. He explained:

"My brother and I shared a bedroom in the basement in which we had a large window that showed out to our rather large backyard."

After playing with his friends, OP (Original Poster) and his brother headed home. They had dinner, after which their mother walked them to their room in the basement. 

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OP confessed that he used to play with his brother secretly before going to bed. They made sure not to make any noise because their parents' room was right above theirs.

As OP was about to sleep, he sensed something move.

The kids played with their action figures for an hour and then climbed into their beds. Since they were already tired, they immediately dozed off. 

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OP confessed he was a heavy sleeper and only woke up if he heard a loud noise. However, that night, he woke up and saw a strange blue light entering his room from the window that opened to the backyard. He explained:

"At first, I thought someone had turned on the room lights, but after rubbing my eyes and sitting up, I realized the Moon was shining directly into my room."

He decided to go back to sleep because he now knew the light's source. He could still see the blue light on the floor, but his position didn't allow him to see the window. 

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As OP was about to sleep, he sensed something move, then saw a shadow emerging from the corner of the window, slowly moving towards the center. He described:

"It moved until it was directly in the middle of the window casting a perfect shape of a man on the floor, right where I was staring."

The little boy froze. He didn't dare to raise his head and look out of the window to see who was there. Instead, he waited for the shadow to move before taking any action.

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After 10 seconds, the shadow moved in the other direction and disappeared. Relieved, the little boy ran out of his bed and headed to his parents' room. He recalled:

"I told them a shadow of a person appeared on my floor and blabbered about how someone was going to get me."

His father immediately grabbed his baseball bat and headed outside to see who was there. After searching for some time, he returned because he didn't find anyone.  They concluded that OP was imagining things or dreaming. However, they allowed him to sleep with them that night. 

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The following day, OP told his 5-year-old brother what he saw the previous night. Since his brother was a child, he didn't understand anything, so OP took it upon himself to solve the mystery. 

He went into the backyard and looked for clues. He searched for footprints, but he didn't find anything strange. He saw some imprints, but anyone could have made them in the previous days.

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It took some time for OP to forget the strange incident. In fact, he made his parents sit next to him until he slept at night. After a few days, he started to accept that he had just imagined things. 

He also shared the incident with his neighborhood friends, but no one took him seriously except his friend named Matt. OP shared that Matt appeared scared after hearing the story. He recalled:

"Once I was done telling it, he looked me right in the eyes and said he had the same thing happen to him 2 nights ago."

His friends laughed when he told them about the incident | Source: Pexels


Everything that happened to him was similar except that Matt saw a storm from his window. OP and Matt tried to solve the mystery, but they couldn't find anything. He explained:

"It never happened to any of us again, but I have always wondered who it was that stood at my window that night."

OP shared his childhood story on Reddit, stating his hopes not to encounter that stranger again. Another

Other Redditors shared their experiences | Source: Pexels


Reddit user named AlfoBootidir confessed that he dreamt the same thing as a kid, someone breaking into the house through the window, but "Yours is uh worse bc it very well may be real."

The Redditor also shared about being anxious about these things as a child. OP agreed, saying he fears things he can't see directly. 

The Redditor saw a dream that someone broke into their house | Source: Unsplash


Other Redditors living in the same city confessed they felt scared after reading the story, with one expressing relief to be living miles away from OP's city. 

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