Young Man Spots Homeless Woman with No Shoes On, Surprises Her with a House Key Months Later

Lois Oladejo
Feb 13, 2022
12:20 A.M.

A few months after a visit from a TikToker, a homeless woman's life changed, as she was presented with a house key and finance raised by well-meaning netizens.


In May 2021, a TikToker, Isaiah Garza, used his social media platform to transform a homeless woman's desperate situation, thus showing the power of influence to impact people's lives positively.

The young man got the homeless woman, Robin Clayton, a house months after he spotted her on the streets. Let's take a glimpse at Clayton's difficult situation and the generous act that transformed her life.

Robin Clayton as seen roaming the streets [left] Robin Clayton after Isaiah Garza gifted her some items [right]. | Photo:  tiktok.com/isaiahgarza

Robin Clayton as seen roaming the streets [left] Robin Clayton after Isaiah Garza gifted her some items [right]. | Photo: tiktok.com/isaiahgarza


Life had been terrible for Robin Clayton. For over ten years, she was homeless and living on the streets after escaping an abusive relationship. The woman's home was a makeshift tent surrounded by garbage in Los Angeles.


Clayton's terrible living conditions caught the attention of TikToker and Jewelry Designer Isaiah Garza. The young man, who has over three million followers, grew up in a poor community and dedicated his platform to giving back to the community.

Although Garza could not change every homeless person's predicament, Clayton's was one that he could not turn a blind eye to. So, the young man and the homeless woman quickly struck up a relationship, documented in a series of videos.


Over time, cameras followed as the TikToker performed various kinds of acts. In one of the videos, Garza bought the barefoot Clayton a pair of shoes, and the reaction on her face told how grateful she was.

The jewelry designer bought Clayton clothes and a cell phone on another occasion. For each of these presents, the woman showed immense gratitude. In addition, Garza got Clayton an appointment to get her nails done and hair braided, apart from the gestures mentioned above.

All of these acts brought joy to a once-desperate Clayton and warmed the hearts of TikTok users. As time passed, Garza visited the woman and gave her more gifts. Finally, he bought her an ice cream cake and took her shopping on her birthday.



However, the best was yet to come. Little did Clayton know that Garza had started a GoFundMe page for a life-changing gift. So one day, he pulled up to say hi and gave her a box with keys in it. Then Garza said:

"I got you an apartment. You're no longer homeless, and you ain't never going back."


Clayton was short of words. She could not believe what she heard. Yet, after a blindfolded trip, Garza revealed that indeed, he had gotten the woman a house. He framed a picture of himself and Clayton on the dresser table to make it feel like home.

This gesture moved the woman. Indeed, Garza had made an impact on her life. The money from GoFundMe was enough to get a two-year lease on the apartment, food, a car, and healthcare.

In addition, Garza said he was working on getting Clayton a business to help her keep up with the new life. The former homeless woman was overwhelmed by the TikToker's show of love and tagged the whole experience "a miracle."

Garza feels he is on earth for a reason. In a world that needs heroes, he has chosen to be one and help people with his resources.

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