Pregnant Salon Worker Serves New Client, Gets Huge Tip and a Note: 'God Told Her to Do It'

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 10, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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It was a typical workday for a six-month-pregnant salon worker when she was asked to take on another customer. When her shift ended, she was astounded to receive a special gift from the client. 


We all go through days that test more than our patience. They take a toll on our physical and mental well-being, and bouncing back from them can be nerve-wracking. Imagine exhaustion taking the best of you at work, especially when your workday is far from over.

A nail tech from Greensboro, North Carolina, underwent the same, but she continued because her shift wasn't over. On top of that, she was pregnant, which intensified her lethargic state. Unbeknownst to her, she was in for a grand surprise.

Breanna Turner [Left]. The touching note she received from her client [Right]. | Photo:



Breanna Turner worked at UNCG Millenium Salon and Nails. She was six months pregnant, but she continued to work despite her condition. Pregnancy is a challenging phase, and working while carrying a life inside you can be difficult.

The salon worker had endured sickness early in her pregnancy, but her body acclimated to the conditions over time. Her workday involved taking on customer after customer, even when she felt drained and hungry.

One day in 2019, she was asked to take on another client. She felt exhausted but flashed a smile and prepared herself to welcome the new customer. 


The UNCG Millenium Salon and Nails in Greensboro, North Carolina. | Photo:


When the new client walked in, Turner delivered the desired service, and the two women conversed on deep subjects. They talked about God, and life and even shared their struggles. 


Like Turner, a seven-month-pregnant waitress from New Jersey was on her typical shift serving diners when she came across a new customer.

What started as a typical manicure and pedicure turned into something profound. Before leaving, the client thanked Turner and left a special gift. Interestingly, it was something that Turner never saw coming. 

Breanna Turner serves a client in the salon. | Photo:



Regarding her interaction with the client, Turner recounted: "She ended up tipping me $1,000 just from that one $33 service." But that wasn't all the kind customer left for the salon worker. Apart from the considerable tip, there was also a touching note that said:

“Love Bre and want her to have many treasures she wants, including $1,000.”

The client's warm-heartedness deeply moved Turner. In an interview with WXII 12, Turner revealed that she prayed for the kind stranger and appreciated her generosity. 

The client left Breanna a touching note. | Photo:



The shocked salon worker further stated that even though she gave great pedicures, she knew $1,000 was an enormous tip for her service. When asked why the client gave her a generous tip, Turner explained:

“I was just really shocked because she was truly God-sent. God knew what I needed. She was the sweetest lady ever. She said God told her to do it for me.”

Most importantly, after her interaction with the client, Turner was a changed person. She recalled how the kind customer came into her life and spoke to her and encouraged her not to give up, which was precisely what she needed at the time.



The pregnant salon worker said she planned to use the money to buy her baby's crib, make her car payment, and add the rest to her savings account. She also revealed that she felt encouraged to pay kindness forward by making her customers happy. 


Lastly, Turner shared she planned to find the stranger and thank her for changing her life. Believe it or not, kind gestures from strangers can brighten up people's days in the most unexpected ways. 

Like Turner, a seven-month-pregnant waitress from New Jersey was on her typical shift serving in a diner when she came across a new customer. Before leaving, the customer left her a $100 tip and a heartfelt note. You can read the complete story here.

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