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Struggling Single Mom in Wheelchair Learns She's Going to Lose Her Home, Begs People for Help

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 11, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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A woman and her three-year-old daughter were desperate for help after the shelter they resided in threatened to kick them out. The mother begged people for help, and she got a surprising reaction. 


A woman struggled to start over after depression, and a suicide attempt left her disabled. She rebuilt her life and raised her daughter, but she had difficulty surviving because she could not find a job. 

Twenty-nine-year-old Ashley Lagoo-Mckinnie and her little girl, Lyanna, relocated from Milwaukee to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, because there was a shelter where they could live.

Lyanna stands in what may be her new home [left] Ashley Lagoo-Mckinnie and her daughter [right] | Photo: youtube/TMJ4 News



When this accommodation was no longer reliable, she became desperate and tried to think outside of the box. Lagoo-Mckinnie expressed: "I'm doing everything I can." She eventually enlisted the help of GoFundMe at the start of this year. 

It was her final attempt to raise some money for a hotel room where she could think of another more permanent housing solution. The mother hoped for a few hundred dollars in donations and never imagined what would happen next. 

Ashley Lagoo-Mckinnie who was helped by generous GoFundMe donations | Photo: youtube/WISN 12 News



Lagoo-Mckinnie got much more than she imagined, thanks to the generosity of numerous strangers. She was left speechless when she received more than $111,000 within one week.

With the money, she could find temporary housing and look into buying a place for her and her daughter. She said

“All my supporters, all my donors have actually changed our life so much. And I’m grateful, like really, really grateful. This happening was not expected, not at all. I really was surprised.” 

Lyanna in her potential new home | Photo: youtube/TMJ4 News



Lagoo-Mckinnie felt supported and grateful for the kindness and empathy people showed toward her. She added: "It just feels like people can see that I'm trying."

A pastor from a local church believed in Lagoo-Mckinnie. He agreed that she was doing everything in her power to find a home for her daughter.  

Ashley Lagoo-Mckinnie and her daughter | Photo: youtube/WISN 12 News



Lagoo-Mckinnie, who previously jumped off a bridge due to depression, expressed that she would have done things differently if she could go back in time. However, her focus was now solely on raising her child.

She had plans to enroll her daughter in school, buy a wheelchair-friendly home, and find a job. She added:

“All these donors have made it where I feel like a great mom and it feels good to not fail her. I feel like I did survive for a reason.” 



GoFundMe has served as a platform to help many people, and via generous public donations, has changed many lives. Strangers also set up a GoFundMe page for one family staying on the streets in Elk Grove, California.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Felicia Washington and her children were homeless, struggling to survive. However, kind strangers saw their situation and asked the public for donations online last year.

In a display of humanity, thousands of dollars were raised within hours, enabling the family to purchase a trailer home. When citizens take an interest and band together, anything is possible, and we can make the world a better place for everyone. 


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