4-Year-Old Girls Insist They're Twins, Say They 'Have the Same Same Soul' to Those Who Don't Believe

Lois Oladejo
Feb 13, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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When four-year-olds Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland met at school, they immediately bonded so much that the kids now deeply believe they are twins. 


Two Miami school girls, Jia and Zuri, will tell anyone that will listen that they are twins. Jia, who is blonde and Caucasian, and Zuri, an African American with black hair, met while in school and instantly became friends. 

The pair, however, have developed their relationship so much they would not settle for just being called friends but would tell you they are twins. 

an adorable picture of Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland smiling and holding each other tightly [left] An upclose picture of Jia and Zuri smiling in each other's arms [right]. | Photo:


The girls both have

similar personalities

: they are both outgoing, well-spoken, intelligent, and not afraid to tell you what they want. 

Although their birthdays are two days apart, according to the girls, their birthdays are practically the same day, and they are both the same age and height, so there is no doubt they are twins.


Jia and Zuri were at a birthday party and in line to get their faces painted when they told a girl's older sister that they were twins. The older girl gave her a quizzical look and replied that they could not be twins because they have different skin colors.


Her reply hurt Jia, and she started crying, but the little girl would not back down and subsequently told the older girl that, "You don't know anything because we have the same birthday and the same soul."

Jia's amazing view about her friendship with Zuri and her response to the older girl warmed her mother's heart. And she was proud of her daughter.



Jia's mother, Ashley Sarnicola, explained that she feels blessed to be raising her daughter in Miami, where there is a mixture of people from different countries and ethnic groups. It has allowed her kid to be indifferent to skin color or discrimination. 

Ashley revealed that she had become friends with Zuri's mother; they have been teaching the girls that being different is good and they should make friends with other people every day.

Zuri's mother, Valencia Copeland, declared that the girls have a board on the wall at their school highlighting their friendship.


She was also pleased that the pair had gelled so much. Valencia was, however, sad and concerned about how insensitive and cruel society is and the impact it might have on the girls. She said

"You know, you're happy for a few seconds, and then you become sad because they have to grow up – and then society takes over." 

Ashley and Valencia have also indulged their daughters' beliefs and would sometimes even allow them to wear matching outfits. Since the beginning of their special friendship, the girls have also been allowed to celebrate their birthdays on the same day. 



Zuri's older sister, 23-year-old Veronica Williams, decided to share her sister's special friendship with Jia on Twitter, and people loved it. 

They lauded the kids for teaching the world a valuable lesson through their friendship, and that is, people should not be discriminated against because of their skin color.