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After Disclosure of Will, Pregnant Black Woman Gets DNA Test to Prove Her Unborn Twins' Right to Inheritance

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 15, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A woman decided not to share her inheritance with her siblings after her father passed away. She revealed what made her make the tough decision.


After revealing her side of the story, she asked other Redditors if she had made the right decision. She believed her reasoning was correct, but it did not sit well with many other Reddit users. 

She had four siblings with whom she had to share her inheritance. However, she chose to share it with only two of them after judging the situation carefully. 

After disclosure of will, pregnant black woman gets a DNA test | Source: Shutterstock


Before jumping into the main story, the 27-year-old woman shared that she and her brother, Rich, lived with their father after he divorced her mother (whom she only referred to as her "egg donor") due to infidelity. She explained:

"My father passed away two weeks ago leaving behind me and Rich along with the other egg donor [expletive]: Jess and Tess(28f), bishop(14m), and Lynn(12f)."

Their father had married a black woman, Felicity. She had two children, Mauve and Benji (her son from a previous relationship), and was pregnant with twins when OP's father passed away.

Felicity was pregnant when OP's father passed away | Source: Pexels


OP shared that she lived with her partner, and they often came to see her father when he was sick. He had cancer and peacefully passed away in his sleep one night.

After learning the conditions of the inheritance, the "egg donor" and her family created a fuss about it.

Felicity had a hard time accepting that her husband was gone so OP, her partner, and Rich decided to move in with her and the kids to support them. 

Felicity was having a hard time accepting her husband's death | Source: Pexels


When OP attended the funeral, she discovered that the "egg donor" was also there with her children because her father had been paying her child support. 

She had no idea then that an unexpected series of events would turn against her later. Through OP's father's lawyer, the family soon learned that his will came with certain conditions attached to his inheritance. She recalled:

"Well there were some clauses such as that the only money would be given to the kids were if they were biologically his."

After learning the conditions of the inheritance, the "egg donor" and her family created a fuss about it. While OP was furious, Felicity was calm and handled the situation nicely. She agreed to do the DNA test to see who deserved the inheritance money.


They agreed to go for a DNA test | Source: Unsplash

The results showed that OP, Rich, Mauve, and the unborn twins were her father's only biological children. This meant that the other children would only get $200 each and a valuable antique toy car, while the estate would be distributed among the five biological kids. 


However, the news didn't sit well with OP's "egg donor" who asked OP and her family to share the inheritance because her children needed money for college. 

OP refused and told the woman to ask her children's fathers for the money instead. She also explained that her father had set up a separate bank account for the children to get a fixed amount every month until they turned 18. 

The man only wanted his biological children to share in his inheritance | Source: Unsplash


OP believed that the woman should have kept a log of the fathers, so they didn't have to suffer. She thought that it wasn't her fault that the woman's children couldn't go to college or do what she had done. She explained:

"That's her own fault not mine. Not my dad's."

The "egg donor's" husband wasn't doing financially well, so OP believed she could have helped them, but she didn't feel like doing it. However, other people made her feel bad about it. 

OP didn't want to share the inheritance but everyone made her feel bad | Source: Pexels


She asked other Redditors if she had done the right thing by not sharing the inheritance, to which dancing_chinese_kid replied:

"You're not wrong about the money/inheritance, but the level of rage and meanness in you needs addressing."

Other Redditors also agreed that OP was mean towards the "egg donor" and her children. jacquilynne replied that the people OP called "heinous" are innocent children who had no idea about infidelity. 

She wrote a Reddit post to ask other people if she was right | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, rapt2right replied that OP needed to spend some money on a therapist. The Redditor believed OP's anger wasn't healthy for her. 

Most Redditors agreed that OP needed to calm down and assured her that she was not at fault. They believed her father left the money for his biological children, so the other children had no right over it. 

Some Redditors advised OP to see a therapist | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP was overreacting?

Most Redditors felt that OP should have stayed calm. They thought she was venting her anger unjustly on the children and that they were not at fault. What do you think?

Would you share the money with your siblings if you were OP?

OP knew the egg donor's husband wasn't doing well financially, yet she chose not to help them. Do you think she should have paid for the children's college fees? Would you share your inheritance with them if you were OP?

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