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Woman Has Fallopian Tubes Removed, 4 Years Later Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby: "I Feel Blessed"

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 14, 2022
12:20 A.M.

A woman received the biggest shock of her life when she became pregnant three years after having her fallopian tubes removed. Hers was the first documented case that resulted in a healthy, viable baby.


Life is a beautiful journey filled with endless moments of surprise, wonder, and joy. Every day presents us with brand new opportunities and a chance to practice gratitude and grace.

Three years ago, a woman's life changed when she experienced a miracle unlike anything else in an unimaginable twist of fate. She felt a range of emotions, including shock and confusion, but her tremendous happiness overshadowed them.

Elizabeth Kough with her son, Benjamin [Left]. A close-up of baby Benjamin [Right]. | Photo: youtube.com/GMA | twitter.com/InsideEdition

Elizabeth Kough with her son, Benjamin [Left]. A close-up of baby Benjamin [Right]. | Photo: youtube.com/GMA | twitter.com/InsideEdition


Elizabeth Kough from Kearney, Missouri, was divorced, single, and a mother to three adorable kids. She felt blessed to have a beautiful family and a loving home resounding with her children's laughter.


In 2015, the then-35-year-old Kough decided to have both fallopian tubes removed for several reasons.

Kough underwent a surgical procedure, bilateral salpingectomy, medically proven to reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer, a condition that ran in her family.


"I also hit age 35 and they medically say at that age pregnancy becomes more high-risk," explained Kough. As a divorced, single mom-of-three, the Missouri woman felt her family was complete.


Years later, she gave birth to her seventh child, proving that miracles happen when we least expect them.

Kough's OB-GYN in Virginia performed the procedure, which was an almost foolproof method of contraception. Three years passed, and Kough found love again. After entering into a relationship, she moved to Missouri with her children.

Elizabeth Kough with her son, Benjamin. | Photo: YouTube.com/GMA

Elizabeth Kough with her son, Benjamin. | Photo: YouTube.com/GMA


Then, one day, in 2018, she started feeling pregnancy symptoms. Kough took a home pregnancy test to rule out her doubts, and the results were positive. She was flabbergasted and immediately called her boyfriend, who drove her to a nearby hospital.

The blood test and ultrasound confirmed that Kough was expecting her fourth baby. Her case reflected chances of an ectopic pregnancy, where a fertilized egg attaches itself outside the womb.


Astonishingly, Kough's baby was developing inside her uterus. Everyone, including her doctors, was dumbfounded.

Elizabeth Kough. | Photo: YouTube.com/GMA

Elizabeth Kough. | Photo: YouTube.com/GMA


Dr. Dawn Heizman, a board-certified OB-GYN at Meritas Health, who reviewed Kough's case, revealed the scenario was unheard of, and they had never encountered it before.

Some doctors believed that an egg migrated to her uterine horns, where the fallopian tubes were once attached, and entered via a fistula to reach her uterus.

Dr. Heizman mentioned that only three pregnancies after removing fallopian tubes were documented, but Kough's case was the first that resulted in a healthy birth. Kough delivered baby Benjamin in March 2019, weighing seven pounds, six ounces.



The doctors even checked during delivery and confirmed that Kough's fallopian tubes were removed and she didn't get pregnant via IVF. Dr. Heizman expressed it was a miracle for Kough to deliver a healthy child under such rare circumstances.

Even shocking was that Kough's otherwise high-risk pregnancy proceeded smoothly, and her son was born via C-section. "After I first found out I was pregnant, I bought so many lottery tickets because I thought, 'I'm so lucky,'" recalled Kough.


The mother-of-four called her youngest child, Benjamin, her angel baby. She also added: "When I look at him I feel really blessed to have him because I know the chances of him being here are just so slim. I hug him even tighter."

Something similar unfolded for a Tennessee woman who was told she couldn't have children. Years later, she gave birth to her seventh child, proving that miracles happen when we least expect them. You can read the full story here.

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