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After 2nd Baby’s Birth, Man Walks Out of the Room after Barely Looking at His Newborn

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 21, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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A man walked out of the hospital room after seeing his son for the first time. His wife thought he was having difficulty accepting he had become a father for the second time, but something else was going on in his mind.


The woman confessed that her husband stood with her throughout the pregnancy and was super helpful. He also took a week off to be there with her during the delivery.

However, the moment he saw his son, something strange struck him. He walked out of the delivery room without saying anything to his wife. 

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Before jumping into the main story, the woman shared that she married her husband three years back. They had known each other for three years before tying the knot. 

She confessed that their relationship always had some trust issues, but she also accepted that no one was perfect, so she let it go. However, what happened after her delivery made her think about her past. She explained:

"But obviously now with this situation I feel like I missed a huge red flag."

OP married her husband three years after dating him | Source: Unsplash


OP (Original Poster) gave birth to her first child two years back and shared that her husband had been very supportive throughout. Their daughter resembled both of them.

She discovered the truth after some time.

They had planned their first pregnancy, but the second one was unplanned. However, OP's husband still cared for her as he did during the first pregnancy. 

OP's husband cared for her during both pregnancies | Source: Unsplash


When OP's husband came into the delivery room to see their newborn son, things took a different turn. She noticed that he had walked out of the room after looking at him. She recalled:

"I wasn't really focused on him at the moment but it was tearing me up until I saw him again."

When her husband visited her with their daughter, she noticed that he ignored her and the baby the whole time. 

The woman felt her husband was ignoring her after the delivery | Source: Unsplash


OP noticed his strange behavior but let it go thinking it must be related to him becoming a father once again. However, she discovered the truth after some time.

One night, OP finally asked him why he behaved so strangely. He replied that he would tell her about it through an email because he was too angry to talk. 

OP was stunned, but she decided to wait for the email. The following day, she checked her inbox and found an email from him. 

The woman checked her inbox the next day | Source: Unsplash


She opened it and finally understood what was going on in his mind the whole time. She shared that her husband was black, and she was white, and their baby was white. 

His complexion made him suspect the boy was not his. He also demanded a paternity test and told her he won't be involved with her or their son until he confirms he is the father. She shared:

"This really blew me away."

OP's husband believed their son didn't resemble him | Source: Unsplash


OP decided not to tell anyone about it so as not to taint her husband's image, but she hoped he didn't mean what he said. 

The woman believed her son resembled her husband and was pissed at him for doubting her loyalty. She also confessed that she wouldn't do the paternity test, but she didn't know how to reply to his email without being rude.

She feared he would divorce her if she said something mean to him, so she posted her story on Reddit, asking other Redditors what to do next. 

The woman posted her story on Reddit to seek advice from other users | Source: Unsplash


kallisti_gold suggested OP agree to the test and then make an appointment for couple's counseling to prevent problems in the future. dans_malum_consilium replied:

"They had trust issues which mean they probably cheated on each other before."

The Redditor believed the man's suspicion was legitimate while another Redditor with the username GoingAllTheJay also asked OP to let her husband take the paternity test. 

People suggested OP let her husband take the paternity test | Source: Unsplash


The user also advised her to work on their relationship to determine why her husband assumed the worst. Meanwhile, semimedium asked:

"Does he know that mixed race babies don't always come out a perfect blend of the two skin colors?"

Most Redditors believed the paternity test would solve OP's problem, though the couple would also need to work on their relationship.

Some people advised OP to go for couples therapy | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the man's suspicions were justified?

Some Redditors pointed out that the man's suspicions were irrelevant because babies don't always inherit the complexion from both their parents. However, other people would defend his suspicions as valid. What do you think?

Would you agree to the paternity test if you were OP?

Most Redditors advised OP to agree to the paternity test to prove her husband wrong. However, OP didn't want to dignify her husband's suspicions by agreeing to it.  What would you do if you were OP?

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