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Woman Who Lost Her Mom and Daughter Writes Pathetic Letter to Future Owner of the Mom's Car

Stephen Thompson
Feb 16, 2022
10:20 A.M.
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A man bought his daughter a second-hand car for her 16th birthday. However, before giving it to her, he discovered a letter inside a compartment that left him in tears. What was written in the note? Find out.


Every parent desires to get something special for their kids on their special days. Kevin Duke from Flatwoods, Kentucky, was no different. On his daughter's sweet sixteenth birthday, Duke decided to get her something she would treasure for a long time.

So, he purchased what he thought was the perfect present. However, Duke had no idea that the gift contained a hidden secret that would change their lives and hit worldwide headlines. Here is everything to know about the emotional story.

Sabrina Archey and her child [left], The note Sabrina Archey left the new car owner [right] | Photo: facebook.com/kevin.duke.1610 facebook.com/sabrina.archey



In February 2017, Kevin Duke started planning for his daughter's very special 16th birthday coming up the following month. A few weeks before the big day, the proud dad finally got the perfect gift to get his daughter.

He decided to buy the teenager a car to take advantage of finally attaining the legal driving age. So, Duke began his research on the best car for his daughter. Eventually, he settled on a rare gem — a second-hand silver Ford Fusion.


Duke purchased the car, and since he bought it a few weeks ahead of his daughter's birthday, it gave him enough time to look around the vehicle, giving it a thorough fix-up and ensuring it worked perfectly before presenting it to his daughter.

He spent weeks fiddling around with the car, and on a fateful day, he noticed something he had not before. Duke noticed that the bottom of the storage compartment was removable. So, he popped it open and was stunned by what he saw.



Inside the compartment was a small marked envelope, tucked away neatly. Duke became even more curious when he saw what was written on the envelope. It read, "New Car Owner, Important Info Inside."

Duke proceeded to read the letter's content, which left him in tears. The note was shared on the Facebook page of Love What Matters, and it read:

"To the person that gets this car, I just want to let you know what a special car you've bought. This car belonged to my mum. She passed away Feb 25, 2015 in a house fire along with my 6 year old daughter and my aunt." 


The woman, identified as Sabrina Archey, further explained that the last time her mom drove the vehicle was the day she died. Archey confessed that the car held several special memories, and it was the only thing left in connection with her mom.

She urged the owners to treat the vehicle with respect and hoped that the memories made in the car would be happy ones. Lastly, Archey revealed that she would buy back the car when she was financially stable.



After the story was shared, it went viral, and many people shared their thoughts, but Archey's stood out. The woman said she was amazed by Duke for sharing the story. Furthermore, Archey said she was convinced that Duke would give her the car if he could.

But she was appreciative that he made the world know about her lovely family. Finally, Archey encouraged netizens to be more loving towards family members and spend quality time with them.