Nurse Trapped in Texas' 133-Car Pileup Went Straight to Work after Crawling Out of Her Car

A nurse who was trapped in the 133-car pileup accident in Fort Worth, Texas, escaped after crawling out of her car and went back to work to finish up her shift.

Texas nurse Rebecca Benson was part of the dozens of people trapped in the 133-car pileup accident in Fort Worth, Texas. However, her story of resilience and escape is one that has made headlines.

Benson, who was on her way to work on that fateful Thursday morning, when she hit some black ice, and her car began spinning out of control. While trying to adjust the vehicle, she rammed into a Coca-cola semi-truck.

She explained that she kept her body relaxed while colliding with the semis, ready for impact while she hoped to God that nothing would happen to her. With her car trapped between two semi-trucks, Benson said:

"You're sitting there, not being able to do anything, and you can hear semi after semi after semi hitting the group of cars. It literally was shaking my vehicle every time. It was terrifying."

With the way her car was positioned, Benson's doors were blocked, making it difficult to exit the vehicle. Luckily, a miracle came her way when someone reached for the trunk and opened it, giving her access to crawl out of the wreck.

According to reports, the massive pileup which happened on Interstate 35W left at least six people dead.

However, it was what Benson did right after her escape that has caused her story to go viral. The devoted nurse immediately joined a colleague who was on the other lane to ride to work, meeting the start of her morning shift.

She managed to work half her shift before her husband insisted that she check herself at the hospital. Benson found out that she endured neck and shoulder pain with a severe bruise on her left elbow.

Nevertheless, Benson is grateful that she is alive and not seriously injured despite the gravity of the accident. According to reports, the massive pileup which happened on Interstate 35W left at least six people dead.

A dozen others were injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. About 65 victims at the hospital have been confirmed. It happened that freezing rain had fallen in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas overnight, resulting in an accumulation of ice on the road.

According to the Fort Worth Fire department, firefighters struggled to canvas the cars because of the road's slippery nature. However, they were able to complete the first primary sweep and rescue everyone.

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