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Caretaker Brings Her Own Granddaughter to Cheer Up an 86-Year-Old Lonely Widower

Stephen Thompson
Feb 20, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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A caretaker who worked at a nursing home had only known an 86-year-old lonely widower for a few months, but she gave him a once-in-a-lifetime experience. She showed up at work with her granddaughter to cheer him up.


An 86-year-old man named Floyd, who survived the death of his better half, was left alone and with no one to care for him. Placing him in a nursing home was the best option.

Following the tragedy, the widower adjusted to living in the nursing home, and it did not take long before he became affiliated with a female nurse.

The 86-year-old lonely widower, Floyd, opening his door to his caretaker [left] Floyd carrying his caretaker's grandchild on his laps [center] Floyd playing with the baby gently [right]. | Source: tiktok.com/itscamerinkindle


The caretaker bonded incredibly well with the lonely widower, and as their friendship progressed, he shared his likes with his special friend. 

Eventually, he revealed his love for babies, and the nursing home worker decided to surprise her dear old friend by bringing her grandchild to the facility.

Once the visit began, it continued, and soon the lonely widow and baby bonded. The girl's father updated a short clip online, and thousands of Instagram users have been raving about the connection between these two.

Floyd meeting the caretaker's granddaughter for the first time and reaching out to her in her car seat. | Source: tiktok.com/itscamerinkindle



After learning about Floyd's love for kids, the woman, who is already a grandmother, asked her son if he would visit with his daughter. He agreed, and they became regular visitors at the facility.


A few weeks ago, a Tik Tok user named Camerin, who is also the caretaker's son, captured the story of the elderly lonely widower and the little princess. 

Floyd feeding the baby. | Source: tiktok.com/itscamerinkindle


The video shared moments of the pair bonding and showed how thrilled Floyd was to have his young visitor. The first few seconds showed the 86-year-old opening his door to father and daughter. 

Floyd happily reached for the baby placed in a car seat. Initially, he played with her gently, touching her tummy and slightly swinging her tiny hands. Later, he carried the baby and placed her on his legs.

Floyd set up the pictures of he and the baby in his office. | Source: tiktok.com/itscamerinkindle


Floyd appeared smitten by the small child in the video as he continued to stare and touch her lovingly. Camerin maintained that the pair shared a connection and showed his daughter gripping the adult's finger.

Apart from the look of contentment and overwhelming joy from Floyd, he shows his appreciation by buying gifts for the adorable baby. The poster acknowledged that his daughter was in awe of Floyd. But, in the end, he added: "It warms my heart so much."

Camerin has shared quite a few videos of his daughter and Floyd together, many of which are accompanied by sweet captions like: "She absolutely loves him," "His smile when he's with her could light up a room," and "They love each other." Camerin's fans can't seem to have enough.


Floyd feeding the baby ice-cream. | Source: tiktok.com/itscamerinkindle


Camerin used the emotional song "Another Love" for the content. The song worked perfectly with the display of affection in the clip, and it received over nine hundred and thirty-five thousand likes alongside thousands of comments.


Like Camerin, other Tik Tok users recognized the bond between the elderly and young babies. Some added their experiences with the elderly, and others raved on about the admirable kindness in the video. A commenter quipped:

"This made me cry🥺 love seeing stuff like this ❤️."

Another wrote: "Just tell her that that's her grandpa." A third person wrote: "This is so sweet 🥺🥺." The heartwarming clip established that there is so much love to go around and it can come from the littlest things.