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Woman Discovers She's a Mother 10 Months after Giving Birth While in a Coma

Dayna Remus
Feb 18, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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While one little girl was making her way into the world, her mother appeared to be making her way out -- their connection severed before they could even say hello -- or so it seemed. 


Cristina Rosi, along with her husband Gabriele Succi from Tuscany, Italy, was over the moon as Rosi's baby bump grew bigger over the months -- the promise of a larger family on the horizon. 

However, in July 2020, tragedy struck as the expectant mother was rushed to the hospital. Her life was on the line, and presumably, her baby's too. 

Cristina Rosi [left]; Cristina Rosi in her wedding dress with a dog [right]. │Source: facebook.com/cristina.rosi.5074 Gofundme.com



Heavily pregnant, Rosi had a heart attack and ended up in a coma. Medical professionals had to perform a Caesarean section for emergency purposes. 

She spent ten months unconscious, unable to meet her little one, with the fear that she may have suffered damage to the brain added to the devastation. 


Beyond this, she couldn't hold or speak to her newborn, Caterina. When she finally woke up, in 2021, after almost a year, the new mom's first words were "mamma." 

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Rosi's mother commented on the moment she and her son-in-law Succi heard their loved one utter these words, expressing

 "We didn't expect it. It was a real joy after so much suffering."

The delighted mom also said that her daughter waking up was as if she was giving birth to her all over again



Of course, Rosi becoming conscious wasn't the end of her road to recovery. She was sent to a hospital in Austria to take care of her specialized needs around the clock.

The mother underwent neurological rehabilitation, where they also removed her tracheotomy to breathe independently.



Months into the treatment, her husband spoke about her miraculous improvement, with her mother saying she had completely transformed. 

If being able to hold her baby and recover wasn't good enough for Rosi, she also received an encouraging audio message from singer Gianna Nannini.



Nannini is a singer that she adores and who she and her husband were meant to see in concert had she not suffered from a heart attack. 

Of course, while the doctors are the real heroes treating the body, music can help cure or soothe a tired soul.



Succi must have been ecstatic at meeting her new baby girl upon awakening. Sadly for one woman, she experienced the opposite.

Angela Hartung woke up after a coma asking for her husband but didn't remember that she buried him 15 years ago.

Hartung awoke in a hospital room, full of pain and thinking she was 36 years old with a husband and two children -- only to receive shocking news


She did have children, but they were much older than she remembered; she was 51 years old, and her husband John had passed away over a decade ago. She had also married a second time to a man named Jeff.

It was a long road for her and her spouse as she had practically become a stranger. But with extraordinary patience, they made their way back to one another, renewing their views on June 16, 2018. 

No matter how long those in comas are gone or whether they remember everything, their loved ones will still be etched into their hearts.


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