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Treach & Sandra Denton's Daughter Egypt Criss Married Her 'Growing up Hip Hop' Co-star Sam Mattick - Get To Know Him

Edduin Carvajal
Feb 18, 2022
06:20 A.M.
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Even though Egypt Criss and Samuel Wright's relationship has received backlash from friends, strangers, and even her parents, Treach and Pepa, they tied the knot in Las Vegas.


Born in September 1998, Egypt Criss is part of Hip Hop's royalty. Her mother is legendary rapper Sandra Denton, best known as Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa, and her dad is Anthony Criss, also known as Treach of the rap band Naughty by Nature. 

Egypt's parents divorced in 2001 after Denton accused Criss of physical abuse. In January 2016, Egypt became part of the original cast of "Growing Up Hip Hop," a reality TV show following the lives of hip hop legends's children.

Egypt Criss and Samuel Wright on November 08, 2021 in New York City | Source: Getty Images



People learned about Egypt's boyfriend, Samuel Wright, two years later. Samuel is also a rapper who goes by Sammattick. While he doesn't come from a famous family, his dad and uncles were musicians. 

During an interview with "Unwine with Tasha K," Samuel revealed his father played the drums and used to open up for the R&B group Troop.

Egypt Criss and Samuel Wright on January 9, 2019 in West Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images


Egypt and Samuel might be deeply in love, but not everybody was on board with their relationship. They have been dating since 2017, and they hit it off shortly after meeting at a college gym.

Treach, Pepa, and some of Egypt's friends didn't want them to be together mainly because Samuel has two children and has been involved in a few controversies.

That didn't stop them, though. In "Growing Up Hip Hop" season 4, the couple went to Las Vegas to elope. Pepa and her son, Tyran Moore, prevented the wedding just before it happened. 


In June 2019, Samuel popped the question during his concert at the Whiskey a Go Go venue in Los Angeles, California, and she said yes! 

However, Egypt and Samuel faced some challenges while planning the wedding. They were supposed to walk down the aisle in December 2020, but she modified the date even before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

[Treach and Pepa] initially had some reservations about their daughter's relationship.


Egypt was glad she listened to her instincts; otherwise, they would have lost time and money planning a wedding that most likely would have been postponed anyway. She explained

"We were going to have our wedding in December of 2020, but I was like, 'that's Christmas time. I really just want the focus all on me. This is Jesus' birthday.'"



On January 31, 2022, Egypt Criss and Samuel Wright married at the Little Vegas Chapel. Although the reality TV show personalities are no strangers to extravagant acts, their ceremony was private

Egypt and her husband kept most details of their wedding under wraps because it will be featured in a future episode of "Growing Up Hip Hop." Still, she uploaded a few photos on Instagram.


One showed Egypt in her wedding dress – a one-shoulder, white gown with golden details all over – smiling next to Samuel – in black pants, jacket, white shirt, and fedora hat. 

In the caption, Egypt thanked everyone for sending their best wishes and admitted to being "filled with love and joy." The 23-year-old rising star thanked God for bringing her and Samuel together and seemed eager to start a new journey with her husband.

The rest of Egypt's posts included her parents. Although Treach and Pepa looked happy in the images, they initially had some reservations about their daughter's relationship.



In Samuel and Egypt's interview with Tasha K, they confessed he initially didn't want to be part of the reality show. He eventually changed his mind, and Egypt introduced him as her boyfriend in season 4. 

"['Growing Up Hip Hop'] wanted to make it seem like Sam was trying to just steal my spotlight."


Unfortunately, adjusting to life in front of the cameras was not easy. People would send Samuel death threats and even call him an opportunist trying to get money from his famous partner.

His background was also unknown, so people believed he was a 22-year-old, broke, deadbeat father of "five or six kids." However, he explained he was 28 (as of July 2021), had only two children, and made six figures.


Tasha K pointed out that some transgender women claimed to have recent encounters with Samuel, but he denied it and said he and Egypt had a monogamous relationship. He admitted he was involved with a transgender woman in the past, though.

About the more recent cheating allegations, Samuel revealed opportunists frequently downloaded photos from his OnlyFans page to create false rumors.


When addressing the topic of Samuel using Egypt's fame for his advantage, Egypt confessed she had been dealing with vocal nodules for four years that prevented her from speaking, and Samuel had been supporting her throughout the whole process. Egypt said:

"['Growing Up Hip Hop'] wanted to make it seem like Sam was trying to just steal my spotlight. That was the storyline, and they ran with it. I physically could not speak."

The aspiring singer confessed she has dealt with depression because of her chronic illness, but Samuel never left her side.



Coming back to Samuel's kids (now Egypt's stepchildren), they rarely appear on their dad's social media account. When they do, they melt the hearts of his followers.

Samuel has posted more about his son, Prinxst Airyian. In June 2020, the rapper proudly shared a photo of Prinxst after he finished kindergarten. He wrote that the boy already looked like an icon in the caption.


Samuel uploaded another image of his son posing next to Pepa earlier that year. He pointed out that Prinxst couldn't get enough of his "Mama Pepa" and added:

"[It's] such a blessing to have such wonderful people love my son as much as me. [Pepa] Love you mom."

Egypt also loves the fact that her husband is a father. On Father's Day 2019, she posted a couple of photos on Twitter of Samuel and Prinxst sharing a beautiful father-and-son moment. Way to go!

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