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Christie Brinkley Was ‘Wrongly Vilified’ by Her Husband’s New Wife amid Public Divorce & Custody Battle

Comfort Omovre
Feb 22, 2022
07:00 P.M.
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Christie Brinkley tried to warn Suzanne Shaw about her former husband's unfaithful tendencies, but the woman chose to join the man in wrongly vilifying her — that is until he cheated on her too. Here are the details. 


Christie Brinkley married Peter Cook for love, but somewhere along the line, they lost that love, and things started getting out of hand. 

When the two got divorced, Cook's porn addiction and affair with his 18-year-old secretary were revealed, creating enmity between the two. 

Picture of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook [left]. Picture of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook with their kids Jack and Sailor [right] | Source: Getty Images


After the divorce, the pair who share two children got engaged in a messy custody battle that saw Cook refer to Brinkley as a "narcissistic egomaniac" who owed him money. 

He would later move on with another gorgeous woman named Suzanne Shaw. Brinkley tried to warn Shaw about his terrible behavior, but the woman vilified her instead of listening. 

Shaw would later regret it because she and Cook encountered the same issues he and Brinkley had. Keep reading to know more about Cook's relationship with the two women. 

Christie Brinkley accompanies her husband, Peter Cook at a luncheon to celebrate the launch of DKNY The Men's Fragrance September 13, 2000 in New York, NY | Source: Getty Images



Christie Brinkley's divorce from Peter Cook was highly publicized because she had been a model. The two got married in 1996 and went on to have a child together. 

The model entered the relationship as a mother of two, and Cook adopted the youngest of them, Jack. Their only child together, Sailor, was born later on in 1998. 

They raised the kids together, and Cook was a good father for the most part; in fact, it was his duty as a father that took him to the shop where he met the woman, then barely a girl, who ruined his marriage. 


Christie Brinkley and her family attend the Kids For Kids AIDS Benefit April 25, 1999 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Her name is Diana Bianchi, and Cook ran into her in 2004 at a local toy store where he stopped to get presents for his kids. At the time, she had just been fresh out of high school and was working as a clerk but had dreams of being a singer.


After some time, he employed her as his assistant at his architectural firm, and the affair began when he made a pass at her — she had turned 18.

Brinkley's world was turned upside down in 2006 when Bianchi's stepfather confronted her after she gave a high school commencement speech in Southampton.

Christie Brinkley, her husband Peter Cook and family, arrive at the premeire of "The Phantom Menace" at the Lowe's Astor Plaza in New York City May 16, 1999 | Source: Getty Images


After her discovery, Brinkley became uncaring and vindictive, but even though Cook begged for her forgiveness, the former model refused to soften her heart toward him. It was payback time, and she was bent on getting out of the relationship. 

In court, he broke down in tears, showing remorse, but even that was not enough to repair the damage, and rather than resonate with his remorse, Brinkley merely turned away. 


There can be no flames without smoke, and this is particularly true where marriages are concerned. Yes, they don't just fall apart, something triggers the rift, and many other factors may contribute to widening it. 


Shaw accused him of having a "secret pathological predilection" for young women.

Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley with their children Sailor and Jack at the "People We Know, Horses They Love" - Book Launch Party on October 07, 2004 | Source: Getty Images

When Cook opened up about his cheating and the reasons, he revealed that he had been looking for a connection his wife simply couldn't provide. 


In an unbelievable chat with Barbara Walters, the architect stated that he stepped out on Brinkley because he could not offer him the emotional support he required at home. He said:

"I wanted a little acknowledgement, a little attention, a little thank-you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building..."

Elizabeth Vargas talks to Peter Cook, in an exclusive interview that aired on March 7, 2012 on GOOD MORNING AMERICA and NIGHTLINE on the Walt Disney Television | Source: Getty Images


Before things fell off, Cook had reportedly been very fixated on Brinkley, but she had only made him feel like a guest in his own home.

During their divorce, Cook described Brinkley as a lazy wife who spent an excessive amount of her day messing around with makeup. 

The architect revealed many more personal details about their divorce and relationship, even though a confidentiality clause should have prevented him from doing so. 

Christie Brinkley visits "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood on January 18, 2018 in Universal City, California | Source: Getty Images



The end of Brinkley's relationship with Cook was acrimonious, and the custody battle that followed was just as messy as the divorce proceedings. 

In 2008, the two finally reached a divorce settlement, and Brinkley celebrated with friends and family later on at her apartment — then she took a long nap. 

It was a well-deserved celebration, and it marked the end of a messy divorce trial with Cook; Brinkley walked away with the kids, the property, and the pride of exposing her unfaithful husband for what he was — 'a teen skirt chaser.' 


Christie Brinkley with daughter Sailor at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering pediatrics department cancer benefit 'Bunny Hop' at FAO Schwarz in New York City on March 13, 2001 | Source: Getty Images

Cook was awarded $2.1 million, most of which would have gone to his lawyers, and he lost Sweet Freedom — the small fishing boat Brinkley gave him on his 40th birthday. 


After they reached an agreement, both Cook and Brinkley seemed pleased with the result, but her smile somehow seemed more genuine and brighter. 

Christie Brinkley at Planet Hollywood Times Square on August 21, 2019 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


Cook had requested joint custody of their kids, but in the end, he had lost that to Brinkley, who was given sole legal custody and decision-making power over them.

Of course, Cook was given visitation rights, and he also gave up his claim to 18 properties Brinkley bought while they were married. 

The architect said at the time that he had gotten all he'd been asking for two years, but that doesn't change the fact that the divorce had soiled his reputation. 

Architect Peter Cook and his children attend the 5th Annual Super Saturday Designer Sale to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund on July 27, 2002 at Nova's Ark in Watermill, New York | Source: Getty Images



Despite all the news circulating about Cook and what he got up to in his first marriage, Suzanne Shaw chose to give him a chance and later married him. 

Brinkley tried to warn her, but Shaw had chosen to vilify her rather than heed her warnings. The woman realized her folly later on after Cook treated her the same way he had treated Brinkley. 

Peter Cook and Suzanne Shaw Cook attend the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show - Grand Prix Sunday on September 1, 2013 in Bridgehampton, New York | Source: Getty Images


After their split, Shaw decided an apology was in order, and she reached out to Brinkley privately to convey her heartfelt apology for causing her "any unnecessary pain." 

Thinking it was not enough, Shaw also went public with the apology, revealing to those who would listen that Brinkley had been wrongly vilified as an "embittered ex-wife" when she was only trying to help. After her split with Cook in 2014, Shaw accused him of having a "secret pathological predilection" for young women. 

Christie Brinkley debuts on Broadway as Roxie Hart in "Chicago" at Ambassador Theatre on April 8, 2011 in New York City | Source: Getty Images



Since their relationship ended, Brinkley and Cook have moved on with their lives; Since his relationship with Shaw fell through, Cook has moved on to a girl named Alba Jancou, a psychology student. 

The two got engaged in Greece in September 2019, but scrutiny has plagued the relationship because of their age. 

Alba Jancou and Peter Cook at the Hampton Classic Horse Show Grand Prix, on September 01, 2019 in Bridgehampton, New York | Source: Getty Images


According to Page Six, the two met recently after she graduated High school, but nothing romantic happened between them until she was 19 and a half. 

The architect tried to lie about her age to Page Six, swearing through his agent that she was 21 when in truth, Jancou was a year younger. Nevertheless, the two seem to be very enamored by each other and are now engaged to be married. 

John Mellencamp and model/actress Christie Brinkley attend Mr. Mellencamp's art exhibition opening "The Isolation Of Mister" at the ACA Galleries on October 21, 2015 in New York City | Source: Getty Images


On her part, Brinkley moved on with Singer John Mellencamp, whom she first met at a Hamptons party in 2015. The two had bonded over their age and kids (she is mother to three while Mellencamp has five children and six grandkids). 

The relationship lasted for about a year but had to end because there was a lot of demand from their jobs and a lot of mileage between their homes. They decided to remain best of friends, but a romantic relationship was taken off the table.