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Thomas Gibson’s Split From Wife of 25 Years Was ‘Hard Enough’ on Kids Who Have Grown Into Beautiful People

Oyin Balogun
Feb 28, 2022
12:20 A.M.
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"Criminal Minds" alum Thomas Gibson has a healthy relationship with his kids, who have all grown beautifully despite their parents' separation. The actor's divorce was "hard enough" on the kids, but they survived it and are doing remarkably well.


Thomas Gibson, who landed his famous role in 1992 after featuring on "Far and Away," has remained relevant in the industry following his appearance on hit series like "A Will of Their Own" and "Criminal Minds."

The actor stuck with "Criminal Minds" for eleven seasons as Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, head of the profiler unit, until his dismissal in 2016.

Thomas Gibson poses at a portrait session during the 2011 Monte Carlo Television Festival held at the Grimaldi Forum on June 9, 2011 [left], Thomas Gibson's ex wife, Cristina Siri Chandra Kaur and his children in a heartwarming picture [right] | Source: Getty Images


He was fired after a violent incident that occurred during filming. However, despite his exit from the show, he remained one of the fans' favorite characters.

Like his career, Gibson's private life has also encountered a few hiccups. However, the actor has always bounced back. He was married for twenty-five years and shared three kids with his ex-wife. Here is everything to know about Gibson's marriage and children.



Gibson was married to Cristina Siri Chandra Kaur for more than two decades, and they had three kids. During this time, the actor pursued his career while being a doting husband and parent.

Although it was not easy being available for his family while working on the ABC show, the "Criminal Minds" alum explained that he found a way around it.


While still married to Kaur, he mentioned that they moved to her hometown, San Antonio, where he commuted to LA for filming. The actor added:

"It's certainly been a challenge; I miss my time at home full time. But it's been great for my kids to grow up with their family around and none of us really counted on this thing happening for so long."

Gibson further mentioned that he always made up for his absence. According to him, "I try to make up some of the time when I'm on hiatus and when I'm home on my break. We do pretty well."


While Gibson busied himself with working in Hollywood, his ex-wife pursued a career in yoga. Kaur is KRI certified Kundalini yoga teacher. She also studies the healing traditions of Sat Nam Rasayan, Zero Balancing, and Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy.


Gibson's marriage ended before the news reached the media; it was a quiet divorce that no one, not even their kids, was unaware of. The divorce filing came to light after his dismissal from "Criminal Minds."


The actor, who married Kaur in 1993, explained that he was a product of divorce, and he was conscious of making their relationship work. In his words,

"I'm the child of divorce, and when Christine and I got married [in 1993], it was important to me that I never undermine the marriage."

However, in 2014, Gibson filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences owing to the conflict of personalities that destroyed the legitimacy of the marriage. 


Kaur reacted with a general denial, leading her partner of two decades to file a counter-petition, reaffirming his initial claims in 2015. During this period, the couple had already separated for nearly three years. Yet, they kept it away from their kids while working to rescue the marriage. According to Gibson:

"We spent a year and a half in mediation. We kept it private because divorce is hard enough on kids without having to deal with it publicly."


Despite the rigid relationship, they never jeopardized their parenting but continued to be present for their kids. The father of three maintained that:

"Christine and I switch off staying with our kids at home in San Antonio. We did the best we could and continue to do the best we can as parents."

Gibson's choices presented him as a considerate parent. But rumors had it that he was not faithful during his marriage after it was discovered that he was involved with a woman online. The actor was in a relationship with the online personality who posed as a porn star until he realized it was a sham.


Sources later revealed that Gibson had separated from his wife when he became involved with the catfishing scheme online, confirming that the actor had been faithful throughout his marriage, despite its failure.

Throughout the controversy, an insider insisted that the "Criminal Minds" star is an impressive family man who cares for his kids and their mother.


The actor proved his loyalty to the family when he considered that going through a divorce would be "hard enough" for the kids since he's been in such a position. That was why he and Kaur fashioned the best way to handle their split.


Thankfully, their three kids have grown up possessing excellent careers and characters. The couple's first son, James Parker, works as a photographer, and he is proud of his craft.

According to his website, he describes himself as a fine art photographer from San Antonio, Texas, working in Savannah, GA. He added the following details:

"I've worked in a variety of fields, from commercial to set photo, and have been published in a multitude of different magazines and galleries."


James's younger brother Travis followed their father's footsteps. He is an actor noted for appearing on "Puberty Blues" and "Criminal Minds."

Gibson's only daughter, Agatha, is content with dancing as a ballerina. However, some of her Instagram posts show her infectious smiles as she shares some incredible moves.


Once Gibson became a parent, he was ready for the responsibility that came with it. He had learned parenting from his mother, and when the kids started coming, he realized that they had a lot of energy.


According to the actor: "They have insatiable energy. My mother tells me I was just like that–bouncing off the walls...childhood made me realize that I don't want to suffocate my children. It's hard not to do. In a few years, my kids will tell you otherwise, but I think that I am pretty sensitive to it."

Interestingly, his mother is not his only inspiration for fatherhood. The actor who played the FBI agent "Hotch" on "Criminal Minds" learned parenting from his on-screen character. Gibson admitted:

"As an FBI agent, ‘Hotch’ has a big responsibility. He also thinks about giving his little boy a better life. Believe me, I think about that with my sons and daughter. It's a very tricky thing."


Despite the parenting tricks, the actor would not have it any other way. He proudly hinted that "being a dad is the greatest experience" of his life.

Apart from such affirmations, Gibson has displayed his compassion towards his kids by spending time with them in different places. He shares some of these family bonding moments online, establishing that he is a hands-on parent!