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Mom Says Life Is Not a Movie and Not Everything Is Possible, Gets Profound Pep Talk from Her Son

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 22, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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As adults, it's understandable to feel lost, insecure, and hopeless now and then. So, when a mother had a hard time believing in herself, she was schooled by a young teacher with some golden words of wisdom.


We're taught to have faith in our abilities, but sometimes, following through with this simple advice is easier said than done. Often, we look up to our teachers, elders, and friends as mentors; however, youngsters can also surprise us with their pearls of wisdom. 

Still, expecting children to inspire positivity and passion amongst others seems a little startling, and a mother experienced the same feelings when her little son gave her a much-needed pep talk. 

Knoxx pictured in the woods with his parents and baby brother [Left] Knoxx gives his mother a sweet pep talk [Right]. | Source: facebook.com/makayla.williamson



It was 2018, and Makayla Bearry was busy watching a movie with her son, Knoxx. After the movie ended, Bearry and her six-year-old boy began discussing the storyline, including the plot twists and different characters. 

What was meant to be a mundane conversation turned into something much more profound, leaving Bearry astounded and speechless. Unbeknownst to her, her little boy had understood the movie on a deeper level and wasn't afraid to speak his mind.

The discussion took a turn when Bearry mentioned to Knoxx that reel life and real life were different, mainly owing to her brief moment of insecurity and self-doubt. Clearly, the Tennesse-based mother viewed life the way most grown-ups do.


Knoxx giving his mother a much-needed pep talk. | Source: facebook.com/makayla.williamson


Bearry took to Facebook to share a small part of her conversation with Knoxx, with the latter giving her a sweet pep talk. The caption of the post read: "If only I believed in myself the way Knoxx believes in me." 


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The video clip showed Knoxx sitting on a sofa, wisely disagreeing with his mother. When Bearry told her son life wasn't a movie, he responded, "He believed in himself… And you can too!"



During their discussion, Knoxx pointed to an integral character in the movie, trying his best to restore his mother's self-belief. After getting schooled from her little boy, Bearry sighed and said, "Oh, man — you gonna put it on me like that?"

But Knoxx wasn't done sharing his wisdom yet. He continued: "You can do anything that you want. You can get singing lessons. Get a better job. Make more money. You can be even, like rich! You could live in the White House someday. You could be President."

Even though Bearry didn't reveal herself in the video she shared online; it wasn't hard to tell how she felt hearing her son's life-altering advice. She must have been proud of her son for being positive, kind, and motivating. 



"Do what you want to do. It's not up to other people. It's up to you," added Knoxx as he finished talking. Bearry could have never thought her little boy had so much wisdom to share, and she broke down, crying tears of joy. 

Toward the video's end, she told Knoxx, "It's true. I love you." And, like Bearry, we all love Knoxx for openly sharing his thoughts and inspiring not just his mother but millions of people worldwide. 

Bearry's video went viral, and several netizens poured in their lovely comments and reactions. Nearly everyone hailed Knoxx for his inspirational speech and lauded him for his firm conviction at such a tender age. 



One user wrote: "This is AMAZING! Lil man made me want to be a better me, and he wasn't even talking to me! Motivational speaker in the making (sic)!" 

Another one appreciated Bearry's parenting skills: "This kid...man...he made my heart smile!!! And, Mom, you need to pat yourself on the back. You've done a great job with this one!!! Awesome!!! Just beautiful, man..."

Thank you, Knoxx, for inspiring us always to be optimistic in life and never stop believing in our dreams. More power to you, young man! Please spread some love and share this little boy's wisdom with your loved ones.


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