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What's Next for Eve & Villanelle in 'Killing Eve' Season 4? Producer Does Not See a 'Healthy' Relationship Soon

Esther NJeri
Feb 24, 2022
12:50 P.M.

With the season finale of the British spy thriller series "Killing Eve" just days away, Comer, the main antagonist in the show, has revealed if she sees a happy ending for Villanelle.


Fanatics of "Killing Eve" have been following the twists, turns, and fatalities since the show's inception in April 2018. Now, they are excited about what season four holds in store.

"Killing Eve" follows the story of Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, a skilled yet psychopathic assassin that is mutually obsessed with the MI6 agent tasked with pursuing her.

"Killing Eve" costars Sandra Oh (L) and Jodie Comer (R) | Source: YouTube/BBC America

"Killing Eve" costars Sandra Oh (L) and Jodie Comer (R) | Source: YouTube/BBC America

Eve Polastri, played by Sandra Oh, starts as an M15 analyst. She is gradually getting bored with her protection role in the British Intelligence Agencies and starts obsessing over female assassins, their methods of killing, and their overall psychology.

She gets fired from the M15 and gets recruited off-the-books to the foreign intelligence agency MI6. The secret division she gets drafted into is chasing an international assassin, Villanelle.


Soon, their paths cross, and as the plot thickens, viewers are introduced to the mutual obsession between the two women as they begin to focus less on their initial missions and more on desperately trying to learn about each other.


Villanelle and Eve have often been described, not as villains or heroes, but as "two broken women whose flaws bind them together in a twisted duet."


While the first two seasons ended with physical violence with Eve stabbing Villanelle in season one and Villanelle returning the favor and shooting Eve in season two, the third season ends on an emotional cliffhanger.

After episodes of hunting each other down, the season three finale finds the two women together on a London bridge, and while this is their chance to execute their plans, they find out that they cannot walk away from each other.


Eve is the law, and Villanelle is a sought-after murderer, and yet at that moment, their all-consuming fixation with each other stands in the way of their initial missions. Eve finally admits she has romantic feelings for Villanelle, saying she pictures a future with the assassin.

At that moment, all that matters is how they feel about each other, and it appears as if Villanelle would kiss Eve. However, she instead asks her to walk away.

Despite the confusion, Eve turns away, and they both start walking in opposite directions. However, they are still unable to ward off, and as Eve turns back to look at Villanelle, the assassin also looks back at Eve, smiling.


It is evident that the women's obsession for each other is borderline romantic, and viewers could not wait to probably, experience a growing romantic love story in season four.


The sad news about season four is that it will be the final one, and for Comer, who has played Villanelle since 2018, finalizing the show will be a sad affair, and she's trying not to think about it much. She told Harper's Bazaar, according to Digital Spy:

"It's sad, you know? I've been with this character for a really, really long time. I would rather we ended on a good note and kept our integrity instead of going on and on and being kicked out the door."


Still, fans are excited about the final season and are curious to discover the fate of the two women, who have since come to terms with their palpable chemistry and mutual attraction.

"Killing Eve" season four will start airing on BBC America on February 27, 2022. But will Eve and Villanelle, whose fates hung in the balance, finally get their happily ever after?

According to Digital Spy, Comer told The Toronto Sun: "I'm not sure I see a true happy ending for Villanelle because I think her own worst enemy is herself, and we all know that's impossible to get away from."


Their fate is intertwined, and based on the season four trailer released on February 1, the pair does not take long to be reunited, affirming that however much they try, they cannot stay away from each other.

However, it appears that, despite their animalistic attraction towards each other, the push and pull that exists between them is still there. Executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle tells The Hollywood Reporter:

"If Eve looked deep down, she would know that a long-standing healthy relationship with Villanelle is probably not going to happen."


"So what does that mean for her life if she can't turn away from her? And how much of this is about what Villanelle has awoken in Eve that she can't turn her back on? What if the genie is out of the bottle? What does she do with that?" She adds.

With only a few days to the release of the season finale, viewers are on the edge of their seats, hoping that Eve and Villanelle will get their final moments together despite the complexity of their situation. Or is it just wishful thinking?


While Comer and Oh have been the center of the ensuing drama, the show wouldn't be what it is without the rest of the cast. Fiona Shaw is reprising her role on season four, playing Carolyn Martens, the head of the Russia Section at MI6.


Kim Bodnia, formerly known for playing Detective Martin Rohde in "The Bridge," will return as Konstantin Vasiliev, Villanelle's handler, while Gemma Whelan plays Carolyn's daughter, Geraldine.

Hélène, Jamie, Bear, and Audrey, played by Camille Cottin, Danny Sapani, Turlough Convery, and Ayoola Smart, respectively, will all reprise their previous roles. However, there will also be fresh faces on the season finale.

Robert Gilbert, known for "The Tragedy of Macbeth" and "Star Trek: Lower Decks," will play ex-army lad Yusuf. Yusuf teams up with Eve on her final revenge mission. Actor Anjan Vasan, who appears in "We Are Lady Parts," will play Pam, the new assassin-in-training.

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