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Woman Calls Police after Her Car Went Missing – Cops Finds It & She Recognizes the Driver

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 02, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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A woman came out of the examination hall and looked for her car in the parking lot. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized her car wasn't there. 


She thought she might have forgotten to lock the door because she was in a hurry to reach the examination hall on time. She immediately called her husband to break the bad news to him. 

Since he didn't answer her call, her friends suggested calling the police and asking for help. She had to go to the police station so the officers could record her statement.

She couldn't find her car in the parking lot | Source: Shutterstock


Before jumping into the main story, the woman gave a little background about her husband. He loved going on road trips with his friends once a month, but his car had been sitting in the garage for three months.

This month, it was his turn to take his friends on a road trip in his car, but he didn't have enough money to get it fixed. Since his wife also had a car, he thought she would allow him to take it. 

However, she refused when he asked her because she had exams scheduled that day and she would need her car to get to school. Moreover, she had a weak immune system and didn't want to risk falling sick commuting via public transport. 


The woman didn't want to use public transport due to health reasons. | Source: Unsplash

The woman was taking up medicine and had been preparing for her exams for over a month, so she couldn't afford to get sick. She desperately needed to pass her exams. 


She could feel a lump in her throat on the way to the police station.

Despite knowing how desperate his wife was, her husband begged her to lend him her car. He said that his friends would blame him for ruining their trip if she didn't allow him to drive her car. But OP (Original Poster) was firm on her decision and didn't allow her husband to borrow her car.

OP's husband asked if he could take her car for the road trip | Source: Unsplash


On the day of her examination, OP woke up, got ready, picked up her bag, and drove to the coffee shop. She used the internet for a few minutes and then drove to her school. She was there by 8:30 a.m., parked the car in the parking lot, and rushed to the examination hall. 

After finishing her exam, she discussed the answers with her friends while walking towards the parking lot. After waving to them goodbye, she entered the parking lot alone.

She walked into the parking lot alone | Source: Unsplash


She reached for her keys in her bag, walked towards the spot where she parked her car, then noticed that something was wrong. She couldn't find her car. She recalled:

"I started freaking out. Thinking I might've left the door open or something."

The woman immediately dialed her husband to ask him what to do next, but he didn't pick up. Meanwhile, her friends saw her standing in the parking lot and came to ask her what had happened. 

She couldn't find her car in the parking lot | Source: Unsplash


When she told them about her missing car, they told her to contact the police who advised her to go to the station to record her statement. 

She could feel a lump in her throat on the way to the police station. She tried to remember if she had forgotten to lock the car door in the morning. 

After reaching the police station, she recounted to the officer what happened and gave him a description of her car. They told her to sit in the waiting area while the officers searched for her car in the city. 

She went to the police station | Source: Unsplash


Four hours later, a police officer entered the waiting room and told OP he had good news for her. They found the car and the man driving it was someone she knew very well. She explained:

"My husband was driving it and was picked up an hour away from where we live."

OP confessed she was shocked after learning her husband had taken her car from the parking lot. She was also angry at him for taking the car without her permission. 

OP's husband had taken the car | Source: Unsplash


She went home and waited for her husband to return to confront him. However, he refused to talk to her about it when he arrived. She recalled:

"The argument started after he said he made a copy of the key and didn't take til he made sure I arrived for my exam."

The woman yelled at him, telling him what he did was wrong because the situation was quite stressful for her. Her husband said he was about to message her, but he forgot. He also blamed her for the embarrassment he felt after she called the police and he was picked up on the road with his friends on board.  

The man confessed he had a spare key. | Source: Unsplash


The woman wrote a Reddit post describing what happened and asked other people if she was at fault. FullMetalTata replied:

"NTA and DUMP HIM. He stole your car, let you worry, and can afford to go on a trip with his friends but not to fix his own car?"

Unholynuggets felt it was strange that OP's husband copied her car keys. The Redditor wondered what else he copied without letting her know. 

OP posted her story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, ur-humble-overlord assured OP she wasn't at fault, describing her husband as a "bratty teenager" and asking her to reevaluate her relationship with him. justsayin01 replied:

"He stole your car, during your exams, for a very stressful major. A very serious one as well, as failing can delay graduation for a year+."

The Redditor told OP that her husband had no regard for her and didn't respect her. Most Redditors felt the same and asked OP to reconsider spending her life with him. 

The man didn't care that OP was stressed because of her exam | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's husband was being unreasonable?

Instead of accepting he was at fault, OP's husband blamed her for calling the cops when she should have known he had taken her car. But OP insisted she had no idea her husband had taken the car and only called the cops because that's the logical thing to do when your car disappears from the parking lot. She tried explaining, but he wouldn't listen. Do you think he was being unreasonable?

Do you think OP should leave her husband?

Most Redditors felt OP's husband "stealing" the car from the parking lot was disrespectful to her and a seriously punishable offense, so they asked OP to leave him. Do you think so too?


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