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Rich Man Builds $500,000 Estate and Leaves All of It to Only One Heir

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 02, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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When he read his will aloud before his wife and children, he could sense the tension between his sons. It seemed like they were not happy to know that their younger sister was getting everything, including $500,000, the family house, and their father's car. 


The man wrote a Reddit post explaining why he gave everything to his daughter. His sons couldn't understand his reasons and they felt his decision was unjust and biased. 

They tried explaining he was wrong, but the man didn't listen to them. He felt his sons had no right to teach him what to write in his will. 

Rich man divides fortune unequally among his children. | Source: Shutterstock


Before jumping into the main story, the man gave a little background about his family. He had two sons aged 31 and 29, while his daughter was only 23. One of his sons was a medical physician, and the other was running his own business.

According to the man, his sons were doing very well in their lives. On the other hand, his daughter was still in university and worked as a part-time waitress to pay off her student loans. He believed she wasn't doing well in her life compared to his sons. 

OP's daughter worked as a part-time waitress | Source: Unsplash


Since the man was nearing retirement, he drafted a will. He recalled that he had a high-paying job when he was young, and he never went overboard with his expenses. 

He could see his sons' facial expressions tense after hearing what he had written in his will.

After paying for necessities and spending a little money on himself, he saved almost $500,000. Apart from his savings, he owned a car and a house. 

The man had saved a lot of money | Source: Unsplash


While preparing his will, the man decided to give everything to his daughter, thinking she would need it the most. He believed his sons were doing well in their lives, so it was OK to completely cut them out of his will. He explained:

"I decided to make a will in which I left every penny of my savings, my vehicle, and my home, to my daughter, believing she would make the most use out of it."

A while later, the man gathered his three children and wife to tell them about the will. He could see his sons' facial expressions tense after hearing the contents of the will.

He could see his son's facial expressions getting tense. | Source: Unsplash


His sons didn't say anything to him at the time, but they called him a few days later. They said they wanted to talk to him and asked if they could come to his house. He agreed, and they came over shortly afterward. 

His sons complained that his will was unfair, that cutting them off entirely meant they didn't mean anything to him. The man recalled:

"I tried to explain to them the reasoning behind my decisions but they couldn’t care less."

The man tried to explain his reasons | Source: Unsplash


After realizing that his sons would never understand him, he told them they had no right to dictate what he should write in his will. His response didn't sit well with them, so they stormed out of the house and drove to their homes. 

Since then, the man's sons haven't spoken to him, prompting him to question if he may have been at fault. So he wrote a Reddit post to see what other people say. 

Ann-von-Beaverhausen told OP (Original Poster) his decision was wrong and would strain his daughter's relationship with her brothers after his death, suggesting:

"Split it evenly, or give it to cats or give more to you daughter to pay off her student loans, but if you give it all to her you’ll make sure she never has a good relationship with her brothers"


Most Redditors asked OP to change his will | Source: Unsplash

Meanwhile, AZBusyBee felt OP was punishing his sons for working hard and rewarding his daughter for being in debt. The Redditor suggested OP split everything three ways to ensure his children don't resent each other after his death. MsFoxtrot replied:


"I think a good solution would be to give the daughter what she would need to pay off her loans and split the remainder evenly."

Most Redditors agreed that OP was being unfair by cutting off his sons completely from his will and giving everything to his daughter.

A Redditor suggested for OP to give his daughter the money she needed for her college debt and split the remaining money equally | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's decision would further keep OP's daughter from working hard? 

If OP's daughter inherited her father's savings, house, and car, do you think she would stop working hard to achieve things in life? She might not learn how hard it is to earn money because her father had given her everything on a platter. Do you agree?

Do you think OP should change his will?

The man insisted his sons had no right to tell him what to write in his will. However, other Redditors believe he should change his will and split everything three ways because it would appear he was unfairly punishing his sons for working hard and rewarding his daughter for the opposite. In your opinion, was OP being reasonable, or should he change his will?

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