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McDonald's Worker Buys Food for a Mother and Her Three Kids, Gets Repaid Tenfold for His Kindness

Brittany Chalmers
Mar 02, 2022
01:40 P.M.
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A mother and her kids were looking forward to their McDonald's meal. However, the woman realized she had forgotten her purse and panicked. Instead of canceling the order, the cashier did something unexpected. 


Brittany Reed had just collected her three young kids from football practice, and they were not in a good mood. Crying and emotional, the children's behavior led Reed to a McDonald's store in 2020.

She hoped the fast food would cheer them up. However, when the mother reached the cashier in Waynesville, Ohio, she realized she had forgotten her purse at home. Now she was the one who felt like crying.

A family who was surprised by a McDonald's cashier's generosity | Source: facebook.com/Love What Matters



The youngster behind the cash register saw her distress as Reed told him about her predicament. She said: "Hun, I am so sorry. I have to cancel that order. I left my purse at home when we went to football tonight." 

Before she could stop him, the cashier had swiped his card and paid for their meal. Reed was speechless and thanked him for his kindness. She promised she would return with cash to repay him, but he stated: "No, it's totally fine. My pleasure!"



Reed found out that the cashier's name was Wyatt Jones and asked to take his picture. She shared his kindness online and praised his parents for raising him well. She also went back to McDonald's and repaid him. 

Jones did not want to accept more money than he paid for their meal. However, Reed tried to show him that "when you put good out in the world, it comes back to you tenfold!" 



She encouraged Jones to remain generous and compassionate because these qualities would make the world a better place. Reed also started a GoFundMe page for the youngster who was saving up to buy a car.

Reed told users about his kind-heartedness and asked for donations toward his endeavor. She added: "I want to pay it forward and show him the same type of kindness he showed me. Thank you, Wyatt, and I hope this helps get you closer to your goal."




Good Samaritans are all around us, and last year another friendly cashier proved that a cape isn't needed to be a hero. Walmart employee Gloria paid for a customer's items when they forgot their wallet at home. 

She used one of her debit cards to settle the bill without hesitation. The shopper was stunned by the kindness, even more so when Gloria revealed that she regularly offered to pay for elderly customers who needed assistance. 

Her actions meant the world to the shopper, much like Jones' goodwill impacted Reed and her family. Both are making the world a better place, one kind gesture at a time.