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Girl Walks Out of Class and Finds Out She's Been Adopted Officially

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 03, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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While at school one day, a young girl received the biggest surprise when she saw the two most special people in her life waiting down the hallway. There was no dry eye in the house as she processed her emotions. 


Who doesn't love heartwarming surprises? Whether you're a kid, an adult, or simply a child at heart, witnessing your deepest desires come true is a precious feeling. The story we're sharing today will brighten your day and might even help uplift your gloomy spirits. 

Myke and Sarah Rousell met in 2016 and felt an immediate connection. Soon afterward, they started dating and realized they were practically inseparable.

A shocked and over-excited Camryn [Left]; Camryn and Myke break down and share an emotional hug [Right]. | Source: Morning America



The couple each had two children from previous relationships: Myke had Landon and Aubrey, and Sarah had Camryn and Jackson. Fortunately, they soon became a happy, blended family of six. 

As Myke started spending more time around Sarah's children, he developed an instant bond with Camryn, Sarah's daughter. He ensured he was always present to celebrate every monumental and trivial moment in Camryn's life.

Camryn was only five when Sarah and Myke became a couple. Myke recalled that he and Camryn "were thick as thieves" soon after dating Sarah. Surprisingly, they also had a lot in common. 


Myke Rousell. | Source: Morning America


Before Sarah and Myke tied the knot in March 2021, Camryn considered Myke, her father. She was only seven when she asked him if she could use his last name as her own. 


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After Myke's approval, she proudly used "Rousell" everywhere. However, the one place where she went by her legal surname was school. Myke was well aware of Camryn's heartfelt desire as her stepfather, so he thought it was time to make things official.

Myke Rousell with Camryn. | Source: Morning America



After a wait of three years, Sarah and Myke were ready to share the great news with Camryn in June 2021. With everything in place, the doting parents drove to their daughter's school to do the honors. 

At Camryn's school, Myke and Sarah held placards that read: (Dad) "I gave you my heart five years ago, and now I give you my last name," and (Mom) "It's official Camryn Rousell." They then waited for Camryn to show up. 

When the then-10-year-old Camryn saw her parents holding the signs, she had an emotional meltdown. With tears of joy, she ran straight into Myke's arms, who was now officially her stepfather. She was now a "Rousell" even at school. 


Myke and Sarah with Camryn. | Source: Morning America


As Myke embraced his beloved stepdaughter, his emotions were all over the place. No one could hold back their tears as Camryn celebrated her official adoption with her parents and the entire school. Myke recalled: 


"Camryn’s adoption, for me, was a promise. I promised that I would always be there for her, I would love her unconditionally, and that I just wasn’t in her life by accident."

The doting dad also shared some valuable insight for other stepparents. He assured his fellow stepparents that even if they felt odd while attending important events in their stepchildren's lives, they were appreciated and loved for being there for their kids. 

Sarah and Myke surprised Camryn at school holding signs. | Source: Morning America



Myke also expressed that he wished to be a supportive father and role model to all his children, including Camryn. He further mentioned:

“I grew up not knowing my father. I’ve never met my father. And I understand the feeling of not feeling valued, wanting to be accepted, wanting to have something of your own.”

By becoming a constant presence in Camryn's life, Myke hoped to find some closure for himself and be the father she had always wanted by her side. 



The momentous occasion Camryn learned the exciting news of officially becoming a Rousell was captured in a heartwarming video, influencing netizens far and wide. 

The viral video racked up more than 60,000 views on YouTube alone, with several users lauding Myke for his big heart and love for sweet Camryn. We're super ecstatic that Camryn finally has her favorite last name and a father who loves her wholeheartedly.

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