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Woman Hears Front Door Open & Thinks Boyfriend Came Home Earlier, Realizes It’s a Stranger

Rita Kumar
Mar 04, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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A lonely young woman heard the front door of her apartment slam open and shut. She thought her boyfriend had returned home from work early.


A Redditor posting under heartx3jess on Reddit's "Let's Not Meet" forum said she first thought it was her boyfriend in their house. But it wasn't until she peeped through her bedroom door that was barely a few inches open that her worst fears kicked in.

The woman frantically shut the door and dashed to the balcony. She stood there trembling on January's cold and rainy afternoon and called her boyfriend. As soon as he heard her out, he shrieked: "No… don't move. I'm calling the police."

When she heard the front door slam open & shut, OP was certain it was her boyfriend | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) said her boyfriend was a teacher in town, and since it was a Tuesday, she knew his last class finished at around 1 p.m. OP estimated he would be home by 2:30 p.m. and couldn't be more thrilled to make up for the fight they recently had.

OP claimed she couldn't recall the reason for their scuffle, but it was still one of those arguments that kept them from talking, calling, and texting each other. She was in bed working when she heard the front door slam shut.

The woman thought it was weird because she knew her partner would be coming a bit late. However, she surmised he must have skipped his last class, something he occasionally did. OP didn't bother further and waited for her boyfriend to come into the room and change his clothes.


OP heard the front door of her house slam open & shut. | Source: Unsplash

Her earphones were half plugged in as she lay on the bed doing her work. The bedroom door was shut, but she could hear heavy footsteps outside. She thought it was strange of her boyfriend to walk around their apartment like that.


OP barely came out of the fright when her boyfriend told her a couple of days later: "I have something to tell you…but don't freak out."

The tip-tap of the clumsy footsteps sounded suspicious. Since OP was still sunken in their mid-fight drama, she overlooked its eeriness and lay there waiting for her partner to show up. Moments later, she noticed their bedroom door creak open.

OP was thrilled as she turned around to sarcastically smile at her guy. She saw that the door wasn't open more than a few inches. She peeked through from the bed and freaked out seeing a woman's hand with red painted nails clutching the doorknob.


As she was busy working with her earphones plugged in, OP overlooked hearing the footsteps. | Source: Pexels

She froze on the spot while whoever was outside her bedroom closed the door without entering. OP was terrified and shook her brain for a few seconds with all sorts of dubious questions. "Could that have been his mom?" she thought. "His sister? The landlady?" For some apparent reason, OP concluded it could be her guy's mom or sister.


She raced out of the bedroom door and gaped at the empty living room that smelled heavily of ladies' perfume. That's when she snapped to her senses and realized her boyfriend's mom and sister never had their house keys or hadn't visited before. She was also sure their landlady would never barge into their house without permission.

Fear kicked in as she stormed to her bedroom and shut the door. She called her guy from the balcony and asked if his mom or sister had come around unannounced but he said no. He warned her to stay where she was, then he immediately called the cops.

OP looked around the house in search of the person | Source: Pexels


A few minutes later, OP heard the doorbell go off. She knew it would be the cops and sprinted from the rainy balcony to the main door and let them in. They scouted around the house but found no one. OP felt awkward.

She checked if anything was missing, but everything was intact, including the jar of money by the entrance. OP thought the intruder might have fled after seeing her in the bedroom.

Moreover, she was sure nobody could've opened the front door without a key and, for the most part, assumed it would've been the landlady. Since their landlady was out of town and never answered her phone, OP and her boyfriend suspected her.


When the woman returned, OP demanded to change the locks of the front door. Just as the landlady came around to do it, she alerted OP and her guy of weird scratch marks on the keyhole. She told them someone used sharp tools to break into their apartment.

The landlady alerted OP & her boyfriend of the scratch marks on their keyhole.| Source: Pexels


OP barely came out of the fright when her boyfriend told her a couple of days later: "I have something to tell you…but don't freak out." 

OP froze in horror when he revealed their orange kitchen scissors were missing. She butchered their house in search of the scissors, but even six months later, she couldn't find them. OP was unsettled by the whole ordeal of someone breaking into their house only for a pair of scissors and not any visible valuables.

After reading her story, several people found her plight frightful, particularly when she described the hand with red-painted nails. "I don't know why, but the hand with the red nails bit really creeps me out too," Redditor Shadow_Fyres stated.


OP never found the missing pair of orange scissors. | Source: Pixabay

"It's strange, but whenever I sit in the living room watching TV, I leave the door slightly open for the dog to come in and out," another user wrote, adding:


"…and sometimes at night, I'm convinced I'm going to see a hand wrap itself around the edge of the door. Dunno why but the thought really creeps me out."

"If you're a girl and you're home alone, use deadbolts...Tell your boyfriend to knock or text you when he gets home so you can open the door," a fellow Redditor advised.

A person reminisced about leaving their front door open for their dog. | Source: Unsplash


Still freaked out recalling the nightmare, OP said she didn't suspect her landlady after meeting her in person. "She's somewhere around 70 years old, and the hands I saw were definitely not elderly," she predicted.

As for the intruder, OP said she never met the person after that and hoped she would never meet her again.

OP claimed the intruder's hands weren't elderly like her landlady's. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP could've caught the intruder had she decided to step out of the room when she first heard the front door slam shut?

OP said she assumed her boyfriend was home earlier than usual when she heard the front door shut at a time she didn't expect him to be home yet, so she simply waited for him in the room. If she had decided to step out of the room, it's likely she would have caught the intruder. What do you think?

How would you react to finding out an intruder had broken into your house?

As soon as OP realized a stranger had broken into her house, she immediately alerted her boyfriend, who informed the cops about it. Although she was scared, she pulled through the ordeal with the support of the cops and her guy. How would you handle this plight if you were OP?

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