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Woman Sells Mom’s House and Leaves Her Homeless, Shows up Only 10 Years Later — Story of the Day

Karabo Baloyi
Mar 08, 2022
09:00 P.M.
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Margaret Porter raised her daughter Helen to be strong and determined. But as she grew up, Margaret realized that her daughter was often aggressive. She constantly worried about her but never thought Helen would eventually cause devastating harm.


Margaret Porter was a kind and generous woman. She raised her daughter, Helen, in the same village she grew up in. When Margaret's parents died, they were happy to leave their house to Margaret because they knew she would take care of it.

Margaret's home was big and one of the most beautiful in the village. She took good care of it and never behaved arrogantly around other people. Margaret was well-loved in the town, but the villagers did not like Helen.

Margaret Porter raised her daughter Helen in a big beautiful home that her parents left to her. | Source: Getty Images


Helen was a stubborn young lady. Her mother raised her to always be determined about her dreams, but she never raised Helen to be aggressive and often violent towards people who didn't do what she wanted. Margaret didn't know how to teach Helen to be kinder, so she hoped Helen would eventually soften and be a more considerate person.

When Helen turned 18 and moved to a university abroad, the villagers were relieved. "Let's hope she never comes back," Paula, one of the neighbors, said. 

"Or maybe she will be a kinder person when she does come back," another neighbor offered.

Margaret lived by herself as her daughter was in university. She never came to visit, but Margaret spoke to her on the phone quite often. Margaret realized that Helen was only becoming meaner while in university, but she thought nothing of it. Five years later, Helen returned to the village.


Helen's neighbors were so relieved when she moved to university abroad that they hoped she wouldn't come back. | Source: Shutterstock

People were surprised to see her. "What made you decide to come back?" one neighbor asked. "I'm here to take care of my mother; she's older, so she needs me more now," Helen replied. But the neighbors found it hard to believe her. Helen was not the type to care this much about anyone, including her mother.


A week after her return, a luxury car stopped outside Margaret's home. Neighbors heard some shouting from inside the house, but before discovering what happened, they saw Margeret thrown out of her house by a big man. Helen followed after him and placed a box next to her mother. She locked the door and got into the car with the big man, and they drove away.

Paula and other neighbors who watched the commotion rushed to help Margaret into Paula's house. "Margaret, what happened?" they asked. They comforted her and made her sweet tea to help her calm down because she was so distraught. Margaret eventually calmed down and was ready to explain what had happened.

Margaret was so distraught after Helen kicked her out that she took a long time to calm down and explain what happened. | Source: Shutterstock


"My daughter came back to threaten and blackmail me; she forced me to sell the house and got that big man, her boyfriend, to throw me out. She told me that I didn't deserve to live here because just like my parents gave me the house, she deserved the house from me," Margaret said.

All the neighbors were shocked, they all knew Helen to be aggressive, but they never imagined that she would throw her mother out of the house. "Where did she go now?" Paula asked.

"She told me that she was going to live abroad with her boyfriend; she told me to move into a home for senior people and never bother her again," Margaret cried. 


Margaret was distraught after Helen kicked her out and took a long time to rebuild her life. | Source: Shutterstock

The neighbors rallied around Margaret and helped her start her life afresh. Paula allowed her to live in a small cottage at the back of her house for as long as needed. It was much smaller than Margaret's original home, but she was grateful for everybody's kindness.


After Helen left, Margaret slowly put her life back together. She started a small business selling fresh produce in the village and saved most of that money. Her neighbors raised funds to help her buy a new house. It was a slow process because people didn't have much money to spare, but they loved Margaret and were willing to sacrifice a few luxuries for her. 

Five years later, Margaret and the villagers had gathered enough money to buy a small two-bedroom house in the village. It was cozy and decorated with gifts from the villagers. Margaret sold fresh produce from her home, so people came to buy from her and check on her. 

Margaret started selling fresh produce to save money to buy herself a small house. | Source: Shutterstock


Margaret woke up one day and realized that it had been almost 10 years since Helen ruined her life. She cried as she noticed that Helen did not once call her or come to ask for forgiveness. In that moment, Margaret decided to pretend that her daughter had died. "I would rather pretend she's dead than spend my days hoping she one day comes back," Margaret told Paula.

Paula felt sad for her friend; she soon set her up with Mark, another friend who had recently gotten divorced. Mark and Margaret were a beautiful couple. They took an interest in each other's lives and took care of one another. Mark was as kind as Margaret, so the villagers enjoyed coming to Margaret's house to buy produce from her and chat with Mark.


The pair had been together for five years when they heard a knock on the door one early morning. When Margaret opened the door, she was shocked to see Helen standing there looking disheveled. "How did you know where I live?" Margaret asked.

"I asked a farmer nearby who told me that he supplies you with fresh produce to sell," Helen replied. 

Helen came back many years later to see her mom after she kicked her out and sold her house. | Shutterstock


"Are you here to take this house? I worked hard for this house, and you will not take it from me like you took my parents' house 10 years ago," Margaret cried. 

Before Helen answered, she called Mark to come downstairs. She asked him to keep Helen waiting at the door while she wrote a short note to give to Helen. Mark obliged and spent 20 minutes having a light conversation with Margaret's daughter, whom he had heard so much about. 

A short while later, Margaret walked towards Helen and handed her a note; she quickly asked Mark to remove Helen from her house. "That note will say everything that I am too hurt to tell you personally," she said as she walked away. Mark threw Helen out of the house.


Helen and Mark formed a lovely relationship and lived together | Source: Pixabay

When Helen opened the letter, it read: "Dear Helen, I tried to give you everything I could. However, it was never enough for you, and you decided to take even my house from me—the house where you grew up and where you were always welcome. You left me penniless and left to meet your fate. In all these years, you never even wrote. I can't forgive you, and I hope never to see you again."


What can we learn from this story?

  • We can accomplish amazing things with the proper support. Margaret's community was kind and helpful when Helen kicked her out. She was able to rebuild her life with their love and support.
  • Some actions are unforgivable. Helen came back to her mother many years later, and even though Margaret had healed and improved her life, she could not forgive Helen for all the pain she caused her mother.

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