4-Year-Old Black Girl Puts a Boy in His Place When He Calls Her 'Ugly'

Dayna Remus
Mar 07, 2022
03:40 P.M.

Little "Miss CiCi" was minding her own business when another classmate tried to bring her down. But, she was not about to allow this boy disempower her, responding in a way that left her mom and the whole internet in awe.


Although it is not the sole reason for our behavior and choices, how we are raised plays a significant role in the way we interact with the world.

In 2015, one 4-year-old reflected the very best of her mother Antoine's lessons that she has done her best to bestow onto her baby.

Siahj (Miss CiCi) Chase. | Source: facebook.com/LADbibleAustralia

Siahj (Miss CiCi) Chase. | Source: facebook.com/LADbibleAustralia


The 24-year-old Antoine opened up about her parenting, explicitly regarding her take on beauty standards and self-belief.

Many well-known individuals and famous outlets jumped on the train, praising the quick-witted Miss CiCi for standing up for herself in what could have left many in tears


She implied that she feels as if she does not need to intervene when her child is involved in the conflict to a certain extent. Siahj (Miss CiCi) Chase, the mom said, can stand on her own two feet.


However, she did have guidance for those who are wondering how to help their children become more sure of themselves, saying:

"Be a mother, a big sister, and a friend to your kids. Allow them to see you from those angles."


The mom also spoke about societal beauty standards and how she taught her then-4-year-old to deal with these unrealistic expectations.

The mother explained that she reminds Miss CiCi that beauty is not the most crucial aspect of someone's existence and is impermanent.

Instead, she encourages her daughter to focus on the importance of using her intelligence and kindness. However, Antoine does let Siahj know that she is, in fact, beautiful as well.

These two lessons concerning confidence and outer appearance are what drove this little girl to go viral in an adorable and empowering chain of events.



The mom recorded Miss CiCi explaining what happened at school that day. The little girl explained that a boy called her "ugly." Siahj recollected with lovable sass:

"I said 'I didn't come here to make [a] fashion statement. I came here to learn -- not look pretty, and the little boy said I look bad, and I said, 'Did you look in the mirror lately?'"

The mother laughed lovingly behind the lens and shared it to her Facebook profile, where although cute, it didn't receive much of a response.



However, once "Your Daily Viral Videos" shared it in March 2015, the clip went utterly viral. It racked up almost 2 million views.

Many well-known individuals and famous outlets jumped on the train, praising the quick-witted Miss CiCi for standing up for herself in what could have left many in tears.


These people and news platforms included Greg Seals from the Daily Dot, Breanna Edwards from The Roots, and The Inquisitr.

The popularity of this video demonstrated that one act of bravery could inspire many individuals, even if seemingly insignificant.


As the lovely Miss CiCi elucidated, sometimes, instead of bringing us down, our reaction to those who may try and bully us can empower us even more.


Promise Sawyers took a note out of this book, phenomenally countering her bullies. The 10-year-old returned home from school after being bullied for her natural hair, feeling defeated.

However, she eventually made an inspiring video on her mom's phone that the mother secretly posted online. In the clip, Sawyers explained that she returned to school with an even larger afro.

She also encouraged everyone not to allow anyone to take their power away. Sawyers blew up online. She has a prevalent Instagram account where she shares motivational content.

As we grow older, we can lose sight of our worth. This forgetfulness is why sometimes we need to look to children's simple wisdom, such as Sawyers and Miss CiCi's clear-cut understanding of self-love.

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