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Eve Was Told She Would Never Have Kids - Now She Is a Proud Mom of a Biracial Baby

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 08, 2022
09:40 P.M.
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After struggling with fertility issues for many years, rapper Eve finally welcomed a child last month. Continue reading to know about the star's difficult road to motherhood.


Love has always been a powerful tool, and even though it may sound like a cliché, it is entirely accurate. Some couples have made their relationships work against all odds through health, financial, racial, and mental challenges.

One such couple is rapper Eve and her husband, Maximillion Cooper. The lovebirds have been married for seven years and have overcome various challenges, including criticism from netizens. 

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In 2020, Eve revealed that she was trolled for being in an interracial relationship as a Hip Hop artist. The rap artist explained:

"It was not met very well by people I knew for sure. Some people I was told not to marry Max, but it was equally as hard online."

She further recalled: "When we first started posting about our relationship, we got the worst crazy messages that I can't even believe someone would write or think or type these words." 

Singer Eve attends the Scream 4 New York screening after party hosted by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson & Harvey Weinstein at the Mr. H at the Mondrian Soho on April 12, 2011 in New York City | Source: Getty Images


Despite all of the negative remarks, the pair have blurred the lines and have become couple goals. Here are details about Eve and Cooper's love story and their road to having a baby.


Many people know Eve's interracial marriage, but not all know the rapper's husband. Cooper is a British race car driver and entrepreneur who co-founded Gumball 3000 in 1999. 

Apart from being a brand, Gumball 3000 is also a registered charity that benefits underprivileged people in the UK. The brand has brought Cooper a lot of good tidings, including his wife Eve.


The pair met in 2010 at a Gumball 3000 rally, when the rapper was invited to perform as part of her partnership with Puma. Her first impression of the entrepreneur was quite surprising. 

Although she is not a romantic, she was more interested in Cooper and his job than she had ever been. Recalling the moment, Eve said:

"I remember meeting him and being like, I need to know what he does every day. I was more interested in him than I'd ever been with anyone."



Luckily for the star, the race car driver also took an interest in her, and not long after, they started dating. Eve mentioned that she and Cooper connected strongly due to their hustling mentality. The singer said:

"We just have that core value of just being a hustler, working hard, believing in what you believe in and making it happen. And he's a good person" 


The pair's connection got deeper as weeks passed, and eventually, Eve got very comfortable around the entrepreneur. The singer had always had issues letting men see her in braids, but with Cooper, it was different, and at that point, she knew he was the one. The actress declared:

"I wouldn't let a guy see me in my braids. But now, I'm like, 'Yeah, I don't care.'  That's when I knew!"

Eve and Cooper dated for a while before they got engaged. The latter popped the question on December 25, 2013, while they were on vacation in Scotland. Eve recalled: "When he proposed, I was off my game. It was honestly a surprise, and I don't know how he kept it from me. He got me."



On June 14, 2014, the couple tied the knot at Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal Beach in Ibiza, Spain. Eve donned an Alice Temperly design, custom-made, white wedding dress with beadings for the big day. 

After the wedding ceremony, Eve and Cooper had a champagne reception and hosted a night out at Pacha Club. Cooper was delighted to have Eve forever. He stated:

"I'm so happy to make Eve my wife. The whole experience has been amazing and we are both so happy to have tied the knot." 


Since they married, the couple has been open about their union, including the good times they have shared and their funny inabilities. Eve once revealed that her husband is a terrible dancer:

"My poor baby. I don't let him dance. It's really bad. It's honestly so bad that I thought he was joking. I was like, 'Oh, that's cute! You're dancing…you know.' And then he did it again and did it again, I was like, 'You know what? You shouldn't dance."


Eve also relayed that marriage is not as easy as it looks, apart from the fun moments. The rapper once admitted, "Girl, I'm still learning, child. Marriage is not easy. I'm literally not going to be one of those women who are like, 'You know, we just talk to each other, and it's amazing.'" She further added:

"Sometimes when you're really honest, you hurt feelings and I think what I'm learning is that there's compromise."

Eve continued by saying: "He probably is the only person who can make me as mad as he makes me, but he literally is the only person who can make me equally as happy." 




When Eve married Cooper, she automatically became a stepmom to his four children from another relationship. Despite having the kids around, the actress yearned for her own. Sadly, it was nearly impossible as she struggled with severe fertility issues.

During a chat with Tameron Hall, Eve explained that she had tried to get pregnant for a long time, but it was not happening. She opted to visit a specialist who relayed the most devastating news at some point. The singer said the doctor told her:

"You can go through 20 rounds [of IVF], you can have all the sex you want — You're never gonna get pregnant because you have so many fibroids that your uterus thinks it's already taken over, [like] it's already pregnant."


In addition, the icon confessed that throughout her life, she experienced painful periods and thought it was expected, but the doctor revealed otherwise.

Eve once explained: "My periods were horrible, which was another thing… The specialist I went to said, 'you know your periods aren't supposed to be painful?'"At that point, the mom of one admitted she felt broken. She confessed:

"As a woman, you just think things happen naturally, and I felt like I was damaged. I felt like I was broken. I felt like, oh well, maybe I'm not good enough."


But she received a ton of support and encouragement from the public after she shared her story. The singer revealed: "Since I've shared, people have been so sweet to me. Even in the audience, people have actually come up to me and hugged me and said, you deserve it, and it's going to happen for you."


Despite all of her fertility issues, Eve is now a proud mother. She welcomed her first child and son, Wilde Wolf Fife Alexander, on February 1, 2022. The star took to Instagram to share the good news, alongside a photo of the newborn. A part of the caption as reported by People was:

"Words can't describe this feeling✨✨✨."


Eve thoroughly learned about the motherhood role by being a fantastic stepmom to Jagger, Lotus, Mini, and Cash. She revealed that she felt very nervous about meeting Cooper's kids at first. She confessed:

"I was very nervous, but they all just embraced me and we kind of just went along with it. One thing that made me fall in love with my husband is that he's such a good dad. I think I just kind of follow his lead. That was something I've admired about him and it just helps."

Eve is delighted to finally give her stepchildren their wish for a new baby sibling. The former talk show co-host will make a great mother.