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Long-Distance Couple with Down Syndrome Reunites at the Airport after Their Mothers' Plan

Lois Oladejo
Mar 10, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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A young couple with down syndrome proved that neither their abilities nor distance would keep them from loving each other. See how they showed off their unconditional love and excitement after reuniting at the airport.


In 2019, the love story of two young couples, Gabi Angelini, 21, and Nick Doyle, 30, in a long-distance relationship stirred reactions from many internet users and news audiences.

It involved a short clip of the duo reconnecting at the Ohio airport after their mothers planned for the lovers to meet. Consequently, as the story gained ground, the couple shared insights on their seemingly perfect fairy tale romance.

[Left] Nick Doyle on his knees after seeing Gabi Angelini at the airport; [Right] Gabi Angelini and Nick Doyle share a tight hug at the airport. | Source:’s Grounds



Angelini, a young woman with down syndrome, lives in Raleigh, NC, working at Gabi's Ground Coffee Shop. The shop encourages people with disabilities, and it is run by Angelini and her mother, Mary.

Doyle, who lives miles away from her in Canton, Ohio, met the young lady at the National Down Syndrome Conference earlier in 2019 in Detroit, Michigan.


Their connection was instantaneous; they became friends and even danced. After the experience, the duo maintained contact through FaceTime and social media.

During the following conference hosted in Pittsburgh, they met again, and this time, their relationship metamorphosed into romance.



Despite their challenging conditions, including their down syndrome and the distance between them, the pair remained connected and has consolidated their romance.

While recollecting moments shared, Angelini stated that she was in awe of Doyle, who treated her like a princess at their first dance. He also showered her with gifts.


Their out-of-a-story-book romance inspired their mothers, Mary and Lisa Doyle, to reunite them physically, and this time, not through a conference. According to Lisa:

"It's hard enough to manage a relationship when both individuals have Down syndrome, but now when you complicate it by putting 500 miles in between them."

The women had agreed to bring their kids to the same airport, so Mary tricked Angelini into believing that she was headed for a conference, while Lisa told Doyle they had to pick a visitor at the Ohio airport.



The clip showed someone recording Doyle, who waited anxiously for the visitor. He was in a black V-neck shirt and an off-white colored short when Angelini surprisingly appeared.

She was wheeling her luggage and noticed the young man who fell to his knees in excitement, saying, "oh my God." 


The Raleigh resident shrieked in joy as she rushed to her lover, and the pair shared a tight hug that lasted for seconds.

Despite the shock on their faces, they confirmed that they were pleased with their mothers' plan. According to  Doyle:

"I was surprised, and I was shocked...and I was happy."


Friends online and family members have applauded the couple's inspiring love story. Lisa explained that her son and Angelini have remained inseparable since they met. Angelini said:

"I ran into his arms. I was really happy to see him."

She added that neither of them has been in any relationship and that the special bond between this peculiar duo is "truly remarkable."