Newborn Gets Stolen by Fake Nurse, Meets His Birth Parents Again 16 Years Later

Dayna Remus
Mar 13, 2022
04:40 P.M.
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A mother was holding her newborn baby in her armsSuddenly, someone had taken him, ripping her heart from her chest. They met when he was older by some miracle, but what would he think of it?


Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico's statistics on missing children under 13 years old is heartbreaking. 

The organization reported 124 disappearances in the last two years. Only a shocking 30% of these children were located.

Salvador Macías and his mother López Martínez hugging. | Source:



Numbers and statistics cannot begin to describe the pain that parents experience when their children go missing.

They always wonder if their baby is safe and imagine horrifying scenarios, unable to get these disturbing images out of their heads. 


López Martínez and her husband Yacir Macías experienced this trauma. In 2005, a woman disguised as a nurse at a hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, snatched their child away from them.

López Martínez. | Source: Noticias


The con pretended to take the newborn out of the room for feeding. Instead of the nurse bringing the baby back to his mom, the mother's infant Salvador Macías, or "Chava," vanished.

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The couple thought they would never see their handsome boy again. That was until 2020 -- sixteen years after Salvador was reported missing.

Using facial analysis, police in Mexico managed to produce a picture of what tiny "Chava" may look like as an adult.



With the help of this advanced technology, the authorities were able to find Martínez and Macías. They discovered a teenager who matched the picture of him. 

Of course, these pictures were not full-proof evidence that it was the grieving parents' son--however, a D.N.A test proved that they were related, and so the family reunited. 

The now 16 years old, Salvador was residing in the Mexican state of Jalisco. He lived with two people who lied to the young man and told him they were his biological family. 



The governor of this state has commended law enforcement for bringing the family back together. Enrique Alfaro expressed

"From my heart, all my best wishes for this new life that begins today."

This teen was no doubt excited for this brand-new chapter. But a curious question nags at the back of one's mind -- how does he feel about the people he has known his whole life as his family? 



Sixteen-year-old Kamiyah Mobley's experience was not exactly the same as Salvador's. But, she still may give us some insight into the mindset of those in similar situations. 

When trying to get a job, the teenager found out that she did not have a Social Security number. Her mother then revealed that she had kidnapped her as a baby. 


Mobley eventually reunited with her biological family but maintains a warm relationship with her abductor and still calls her mom

Life is complex, and human beings behave in unpredictable ways. These two victims get to decide how to handle their experience, and we should respect their wishes. 

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