Edgar Costa and Baby Lara | Edgar Costa, Caroline Oliveira, and Baby Lara, 2019 | Source: Facebook.com/elobservadordr | Facebook.com/claudineydinizoficial
Edgar Costa and Baby Lara | Edgar Costa, Caroline Oliveira, and Baby Lara, 2019 | Source: Facebook.com/elobservadordr | Facebook.com/claudineydinizoficial

I Fell for a Pregnant Woman and Was Slammed for Being a Dad to Another Man’s Baby

Junie Sihlangu
Nov 03, 2023
07:45 A.M.

When a man met a potential love interest, he was surprised to learn that she was pregnant. His decision to pursue a relationship was met with apprehension but taught others a lesson.


A woman from Brazil was excited when she met someone new, who seemed like a respectable man who would treat her well. However, Caroline Oliveira soon saw his true colors and got out of the relationship.

Oliveira prayed God would send her a partner who had similar goals and wanted to build a family. She unexpectedly met someone through Uber in 2019, and they hit it off. Her new romance with Edgar Costa was everything she hoped for.

Falling in Love with a Pregnant Woman


A week after they met, Costa learned something from Oliveira's photos—she was pregnant. While many men would have ended the relationship right away, Costa was different. He shared:

"I met Carol, and by surprise, I learned that she was carrying a little package. Wow, what a scare! God, will I become a father like that?"

It was a surprise, and he was afraid of getting involved, but it did not stop him. There was something more that pushed him not to end things with Oliveira and see things through.


The love between the couple was something worth fighting for. Costa shared: "I just fell in love with someone who was pregnant." Oliveira was in the early stages of her pregnancy when they started dating, and Costa was there for her every step of the way! He was honored to have a place in their beautiful story.

Excited about Their Future despite Criticism from Family and Friends

Oliveira was thrilled that she had met "the love of her life" and excited they were building a family. However, it was not always easy, and the couple received their fair share of criticism.


Friends and family warned Costa not to involve himself with a pregnant woman. Despite the comments, the couple was confident in their connection and believed they belonged together.

Oliveira and her boyfriend were so in love that they planned on getting married at the end of 2021. The happy couple was also thrilled when baby Lara was welcomed into the world, with Costa stating:

"I am in love with these two women, and I will do everything in my power for them."


The committed partner was also ecstatic to have witnessed the birth of his girlfriend's child and excited about the future that awaited their little family. The proud boyfriend couldn't contain his happiness and shared their emotional story online, leading social media users to give their opinions.

The Online Reactions, Getting Married, and Welcoming Their Second Child

Netizens had varying opinions about Costa's involvement—while many praised his willingness to raise the child, not everyone was so kind. The couple was offended by some hurtful words and deleted their post.


However, it was still on the internet because many people had already shared it and applauded the father. They were happy to be a testimony of love and hoped their story taught others an important lesson about commitment.

On January 26, 2022, Oliveira shared a Facebook post showing how much Lara had grown and revealed that she and Costa had gotten married! By August 8, 2023, she was pregnant again, this time with her husband's biological child!


The happy mother uploaded pictures of the baby shower for her second child whom they seemed to have named Luna. In October 2023, Costa's wife shared adorable images of baby Luna and revealed the child was welcomed in September.

Another Man Supports His New Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

The leap to fatherhood is challenging, and some men take on the responsibility even when the child is not biologically theirs. Like Costa, another man from Brisbane, Australia, supported his new girlfriend, who was carrying another man's baby.

Max Silvy had only been on four dates with Tinder match Alyssa Hodges when she went into labor. He stayed by her side during the week-long contractions and is dedicated to helping her raise baby Ollie.

They revealed that the birth helped them bond, and while there was some apprehension from their families, everyone has made peace with it. Both Silvy and Costa prove that love and devotion are all you need to build a family.

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