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Woman Sees Husband with Beautiful Older Woman, Realizes It Is Her Mother and Follows Them

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 15, 2022
03:20 A.M.
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She stepped into the pub and glanced at the dining room to see her husband sitting with an older woman. Since the woman was in an open marriage, she wasn't bothered until she looked closely and realized it was her mother. 


The woman went to the pub with her lover and wasn't alarmed to see her husband with another woman until she recognized she was her 54-year-old mother. 

The Redditor clairegreen145 shared the horrifying experience on Reddit's "relationship_advice" community, seeking advice from other users on what to do next. 

The woman spotted her husband with an older woman. | Source: Shutterstock


The 34-year-old woman confessed she thought she had taken the most advantage of her open marriage until she discovered her husband's relationship with his mother. 

For the past eight months, she had been living with another man. She liked men who were different from her husband, and her lover was one of them. 

She was fond of visiting the pub with her lover, so she went there on his day off and surprisingly spotted her husband sitting in the dining area with an older woman. 

OP liked men who were different from her husband. | Source: Unsplash


Upon looking closely, she realized the woman was her mother. She could sense it wasn't just a lunch; she could read their body language. It was clear they were out on a date.

After they left, she secretly entered the house and went to their bedroom.

Watching her husband smiling and laughing made her realize he was delighted. She hadn't seen him this happy all her life. Feeling disgusted, she left her lover's hand and darted for the toilet to throw up. She couldn't get over the sight of her husband having a romantic lunch with her mother.

Her husband was very happy with her mother. | Source: Unsplash


"I can't help but feel betrayed by my mother and my husband," she admitted. Thinking about who made the first move made her feel even more disgusted.

She had started to miss her old life after learning about the affair, but she couldn't do anything about it because she agreed to have an open marriage. 

Due to her curiosity, OP began to stalk her mother and husband. She parked her car on the end of the street and watched her husband coming out of his house holding her mother's hand. 

She parked her car at the end of the street to stalk her husband and mother. | Source: Unsplash


Once they left, she secretly entered the house and went to their bedroom. After seeing her mother's clothes hanging in the closet that once belonged to her, she felt her heart racing.

Since she hadn't confronted them yet, she wrote a Reddit post to ask other Redditors how to talk to them. She confessed she could forgive her husband but not her mother. A feeling of resentment against her mother had settled in her heart. 

"Mate, you effectively have left/abandoned your hubby and marriage. You are not in an open relationship at all," Redditor swotty clarified, elaborating that the woman shouldn't feel angry just because her lifestyle doesn't suit her husband's. After all, they have been living apart for so long. 


She resented her mother and didn't know how to confront her. | Source: Unsplash

OP read the comment and asked, "How does he explain to all his friends he's thrown me out and my mother has moved in?" She thought his friends must be feeling his mother was the villain in their story. 


Meanwhile, Sunsetreddit suggested OP consult a therapist because she was dealing with a massive betrayal for which seeking support from friends and family wasn't enough. 

The Redditor also asked OP to consult a lawyer and see how a divorce would work for her. Other Redditors also supported the idea of divorce. 

A Redditor asked OP to consult a therapist because she faced a massive betrayal. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think it's better to set boundaries beforehand when you are in an open marriage?

OP admitted she and her husband was in an open relationship and she wouldn't have any problem with her husband dating other women. But since the woman was her mother, she was disgusted and resented it. It seemed like OP and her husband didn't set any boundaries in their open marriage, which is why her husband felt no shame in dating his mother-in-law. Do you think it's better to set boundaries in such relationships?

Do you think OP was regretting being in an open marriage?


OP poured her heart out in the Reddit post and asked other Redditors what to do next. Some people might agree her post sounded like she regretted her decision to be in an open marriage. What do you think?

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