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Man Comes Home from a Business Trip a Few Days Earlier to Surprise Pregnant Fiancée

Rita Kumar
Feb 21, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A man hurried home earlier than scheduled from a business trip to surprise his pregnant fiancée and froze after he opened the bedroom door. She was in their bed with another guy.


A father-to-be was overly ecstatic when his longtime fiancée told him she was pregnant with their child. He thought he couldn't have asked for anything better to symbolize their love but was soon compelled to know if he was the child's father after paying a surprise visit to their bedroom one night.

Anonymous Redditor SinkOld realized Reddit's "Surviving Infidelity" sub was his slim chance of letting the world know what he went through after he caught the soon-to-be-mom of his child hooking up with someone else in their house while he was away.

Man came a day earlier from a business trip to surprise his pregnant fiancée & found her with a stranger on their bed | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) was an essential worker whose job always demanded frequent travel. Because of this, he'd often be away from home and mostly preferred road trips to flights to cut down on air travel.

The last trip he'd made seemed usual, and he was scheduled to be gone for a week. But he finished his work pretty quickly and left for home several days earlier. He wanted to surprise his fiancée and didn't tell her he'd be arriving early.

Although it was an 8-hour-drive, OP had to tussle through the road trip that extended close to 14 hours due to heavy traffic and the lack of timing upkeep. He reached home at around 10:30 p.m. to surprise his partner but was startled himself. His fiancée was in bed with another man — her co-worker.


OP was startled when he opened his bedroom door | Source: Pexels

OP's fiancée defended what he saw by saying it was not what he thought as her co-worker hurriedly slipped on his clothes and left. OP stood flabbergasted. The woman asked him not to jump to any conclusions, but he still couldn't shake off the fact that she'd cheated on him with another man in their bedroom.


OP didn’t want to delay any further and immediately took multiple DNA tests to verify his child’s paternity.

After the incident, OP moved in with a close friend and was infuriated when his fiancée called him, alleging it was a "one-time thing," attributing it to the diminished spark in their relationship.

He soon met his friend's lawyer, who then contacted his girlfriend and threatened to publicize her affair if she didn't confess further, and that's when some startling details came to light.

The guy found his wife with another man in their bedroom | Source: Pexels


She confessed the affair had been going on for a year but insisted OP was the baby's father. She also refused to do a DNA paternity test until the child was born.

Based on her revelation, OP's lawyer was convinced the child's father was the co-worker, which fueled OP's speculations even more. 

After reading the post, even the people on the internet set the alarm bells ringing concerning OP's child's paternity. In the end, he was compelled to opt for DNA testing after looking up some of their insightful comments.

Eventually, OP's fiancée confessed the affair had been happening for over a year | Source: Unsplash


"One-time thing, huh? Not jump to conclusions? What exactly were you supposed to think? But she's right on one thing: Don't assume it's your kid," user ThrowRAPlebeian stated.

Redditor perkman66 wished OP good luck, saying: "Bet kid isn't yours. Get a DNA. I did and found kid wasn't mine."

As the discussion heated up, some people advised OP to demand a DNA test and publicize the affair to the media and the guy's spouse if he was married. However, OP had a bit of update on the guy from what he found and said:

“I don’t think he’s married or in a relationship based on social media... Don’t worry. A DNA test will be done.”


OP opted for a DNA test to verify the baby's paternity | Source: Unsplash

Following the traumatic episode, the girlfriend was fired after OP brought the matter to her employer's notice.


A few months later, the couple welcomed their son. OP didn't want to delay any further and immediately took multiple DNA tests to verify his child's paternity. The results declared that he was the father. OP felt his baby eased the burden off his shoulders and decided to keep their identities undisclosed for his son's sake.

Some people were curious about his fiancée's whereabouts considering she was now a mother of their newborn baby.

"She's already out. Living with her parents again. It works out great when I go to see my son because she can leave the room, and if I need something, I can speak to her mom or dad," the dad explained.


The test results declared OP as the baby's father | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Would OP have discovered his fiancée's infidelity if he hadn't returned home earlier than scheduled?


OP said he was scheduled to be at work for a week but returned several days in advance. He withheld the news of his return to surprise his fiancée but ended up discovering her infidelity. It's still guesswork if OP would've found out the truth eventually if he didn't return home early, considering how his girlfriend had kept her affair with the co-worker a big secret for over a year.

Would you also be protective of your fiancée and her reputation as OP was for the sake of their child?

In one of the responses to a person's comment, OP said his lawyer knew all the details and has filed it away for future reference. He also stated that he protected his fiancée only because they had a child together. OP claimed he didn't want his son to discover anything at a young age and be impacted by the truth. Would you think likewise if you were OP?

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