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Wife Thinks Husband Left and Candidly Talks to Friend, He Overhears Whole Conversation

Rita Kumar
Mar 19, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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The man's heart skipped a beat when he overheard his wife discuss her "unsatisfactory intimate life" with a friend. She continued to vent her frustrations to the friend, thinking he wasn't home.


A married man began questioning his future with his wife after he accidentally overheard her talking to a friend, revealing what she truly felt for him. He felt his whole world collapse when he heard her say how she was "too exhausted & intimately unsatisfied" to live with him.

Posting under CrippledNerd on Reddit's "Off My Chest" sub, the husband spoke his mind and unleashed his emotional baggage saying, "I'm going to make myself the villain," after he realized how his wife genuinely felt for him behind his back.

OP's wife thought he'd left but he was still there in the house. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) had lost nearly ten years of his life battling a severe degenerative disease. His career, house, pride, and everything else that put a smile on his face were replaced with pain, surgeries, medicines, and a wheelchair.

OP said he could walk no more than 20 feet and couldn't carry anything over a few pounds. For the past ten years, he'd lost most of the fun things he recalled doing. Amid his struggles, the one thing OP felt he'd never lost was love.

The Redditor's wife always walked the extra mile to support him. Although OP appreciated her efforts, he often told her to let him know if anything she did for him was too much. But since she never brought up anything related, OP assumed she had no issues at all.


OP's happiness was replaced with treatments, surgeries, and a wheelchair due to a degenerative disease. | Source: Pexels

One day, OP was trying to put on his shoes in the hallway when he overheard his wife talking to her friend. For some reason, he said she must have thought he'd already left to pick up their son from his Airsoft practice.


People advised OP not to rush since his wife could've just been venting her frustrations.

He heard his wife say that she was tired of being his babysitter, then she went on and on about how exhausted she was helping him do things due to his inabilities. OP was stunned and kept listening in awe and, in a split second, overheard another genuine confession from her that completely broke his heart.

The husband was stunned when he overheard his wife confess her emotional baggage to her friend. | Source: Pexels


The wife admitted she would give anything to be intimate with a "real man" but never tried, only because she didn't want to be blamed for leaving her sick husband.

Her words shattered OP. "A real man? What does that make me?" he painfully reflected.

OP said he'd always known his wife's frustrations and annoyance towards him but never realized she'd been thinking so low of him. Inconsolably hurt, he walked into the kitchen and purposely dropped his tumbler to announce his presence.

At this point, OP's wife realized he was home and rushed to check on him. He lied to her about returning to take his water bottle and decided to battle his worst emotions alone.


OP couldn't fathom the bitterness of all that his wife told about their marital life. | Source: Pexels

After deep thought, he decided to make it easy on his wife. So that nobody would blame her for leaving him, he would portray himself as the bad guy. He planned to tell his wife about a make-believe affair with another woman so she would get the happiness she sought.


But after reading his plight, people advised him not to rush since his wife could've just been venting her frustrations.

"I will also add that the way she was feeling in that moment doesn't necessarily mean it's her "true" feelings," Redditor kamikaze_goldfish wrote, explaining how everyone has unpleasant feelings and fleeting thoughts when upset or frustrated. The person further added:

"While hurtful, I don't think she necessarily has been pining away for you to disappear just because she's venting to her best friend."

OP decided to play the bad guy & fake an affair with another woman so his wife would get what she wanted. | Source: Pexels


User htallen agreed and shared how their mother would often rant about their terminally ill father by saying things similar to what OP's wife said. "...but in the end, she's just venting. She loves my father with all her heart...We all vent about our loved ones at some point, but we still love them," the person explained.

Ultimately, OP was determined to see his wife happy and help her get everything he couldn't give her. He knew his fabricated affair would hurt her but it would also set her free from judgment from other people.

"She'll be free from guilt...She will be free...from me," he painfully asserted

In the end of the painful decision making, OP was determined to let go of his wife. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Does venting about our loved ones necessarily mean we've started growing distant from them?

Some people who advised OP gave him insight into how his wife could've just been venting her frustrations to her friend, and it wasn't necessarily indicative of her loving him less. How would you react to overhearing your partner confess his/her imperfect life to someone else? Would you talk to your partner or would you decide to do something drastic like OP intended? 

Would life be any better for those who discuss their grievances/regrets one-to-one?


OP recounted telling his wife to discuss any pressure she felt associated with tending to him. But it wasn't until he overheard her share her regrets to her friend that he knew she had a lot to vent about him and his disability. Do you think it's crucial to share regrets/issues directly with the person concerned than venting it out to someone else? In what other ways does it make life less complicated when problems are discussed than being gossiped about?

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