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Goldie Hawn Turned to Prayer to Heal Son Who Almost Died at 1 Day Old – Now She Calls Him 'A Gift'

Olawale Ogunjimi
Mar 26, 2022
11:20 A.M.
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Hollywood's once delectable blonde actress with the baby doll voice and an endearing talent claimed that she had to connect with her spirituality when welcoming her first child who almost died – now she calls him "a gift."


Undoubtedly, Goldie Hawn must possess all the recipes for success as she is an accomplished woman at age 76. The actress, producer, and former dancer has scored great wins, including awards in her career, and enjoys an admirable love life.

Hawn's first marriage happened in 1969, after meeting the then-upcoming director and dancer Gus Trikonis. They remained a couple until 1973, when their relationship deteriorated. 

[Left] Portrait of American actress Goldie Hawn taken at the Deauville American Film Festival in September 1990; [Right] Goldie Hawn with son Oliver and daughter Kate, at London Heathrow Airport, 1st September 1982. | Source: Getty Images


However, the couple's marriage ended officially three years later, with no child in the picture, unlike her second marriage. The former dancer was already an actress with an Oscar when she met Bill Hudson of the "Hudson Brothers" band in 1975.

They became friends following an instant attraction and proceeded to a restaurant date. The lovers had a wild passionate life but were soon consumed by Hawn's desires.


Hudson admitted to being enchanted by the blonde celebrity, but, sadly, their relationship and marriage reeked of infidelity from the actress' part.

Still, Hudson felt he could change her, so he stuck around long enough for their marriage and the birth of two kids, Kate and Oliver.

Goldie Hawn, one of the stars of the American TV show and her first husband, Gus Trikonis, 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In' on a visit to England. | Source: Getty Images



Hawn's marriage ceremony was held in 1976, also a very significant year for the couple, as they welcomed their first child, Oliver Hudson, on the same day—an experience they had both dreamed of.

However, Hudson alleged that while he was thrilled about their marriage, his new bride shocked him by questioning their decision to tie the knot, adding that she wanted an open marriage. Decades later, after a divorce and an estranged relationship, Hudson revealed that he saw the red flags before taking the vows.

According to him, his former father-in-law had warned that the actress could never be faithful, and she confessed to being unfaithful during her first marriage. Still, he thought that his love was strong enough to change her.


Goldie Hawn and her second husband Bill Hudson. | Source: Getty Images


Irrespective of Hudson's reason for their failed marriage, Hawn is yet to address the claims. However, one of the few things she effortlessly talks about is her journey into motherhood. 


Four years ago, during an interview with People, the actress shared details about how her spirituality saved Oliver Hudson, their firstborn. 

The Oscar winner explained that her son was near death as a one-day-old child who weighed eleven pounds and had contracted toxemia.

American actress Goldie Hawn and her second husband, musician and television variety show host Bill Hudson at the premiere of 'Taxi Driver,' February 8, 1976. | Source: Getty Images


Oliver was in ICU when his recuperating mother was wheeled to him. There, the first-time mom placed her hands on her son and muttered some words of prayer, asking God to use her in healing the child.

Within seconds, her actions worked wonders, and baby Oliver's heartbeat picked up. Hawn admitted that the doctors around were impressed. 

Through her experience, she challenged other mothers to connect with their inner power. Despite the years that have passed, Hawn remembers her son's health condition and the miracle she performed. 

Goldie Hawn smiles as she and her children, Oliver and Kate, attend the gala world premiere screening of her movie Overboard. | Source: Getty Images


This occurrence also affected Hawn's mother, Laura. As a result, Oliver's grandmother was not only worried about his sickness at birth but had to relive the experience of losing her own newborn, Edward Hawn, to SIDS.

During the People interview, the award-winning actress wrapped up her revelation by gushing on her son, who is all grown up with a family and has an accomplished career. After listing his amazing qualities, she described him as "such a gift."

Actors Oliver Hudson, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Wyatt Russell and Kate Hudson with kids Ryder Robinson, Wilder Hudson, Bodhi Hudson, Rio Hudson and Bingham Bellamy attend Annual Goldie's Love In For Kids hosted by Goldie Hawn at Ron Burkle's Green Acres Estate on May 6, 2016 in Beverly Hills. | Source: Getty Images



After Oliver's birth, the couple moved to Europe, and everything was blissful until two years later when rumors of Hawn's affair with an Italian man rocked the news.

Hudson confronted his wife, who refuted the gossip, and so the couple tried to patch things up, but it did not take long for it to fall apart again.

Hawn began to act distant from her husband, and as the breadwinner, she was licensed to work, so she preferred to stay away from home and kept Oliver under Hudson's supervision.

Kurt Russell with son Wyatt Russell, and Oliver Hudson. | Source: Getty Images


When they were expecting their second child, the experience was different from the first time— void of emotions. This was because Hawn broke the news over the phone, insisting that she would keep the baby as she always wanted two kids.

However, Hudson did not mind; he adored their kids, so did Hawn. A few years ago, while speaking about her family, the actress gushed on her delivery experience with baby number two.

She claimed that her daughter's name would have been Rebecca. The former couple had settled for the name until hours before the baby's birth when she kicked the expectant mom so hard, leading her to pick Kate instead. 


Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn; circa 1970; New York. | Source: Getty Images

Over the years, Hudson learned to live with his drop-dead gorgeous, famous wife and their adorable kids until 1980. Then, he received photos anonymously that showed Hawn acting intimate with her French co-star Yves Renier.


Eventually, he realized Renier was his wife's lover. The couple began divorce arrangements in 1983. Hudson claimed that the process seemed cordial until she met her current partner, Kurt Russell.



Russell's relationship with Hawn opened Kate and her brother to an excellent relationship with a dependable father figure. Kate, an incredible actress herself and a mother to three kids, had credited her stepdad for stepping up to fatherhood and being present when they expected him to be.

She explained that they share an incredible bond, which influenced her perspective on parenthood. Although Kate has been estranged from her dad for years, she wanted to reconnect with him and her half-siblings.

A few years before Kate's admission about Russell, the actress and her brother celebrated their stepdad, referring to him as an "authentic and loving dad."


That same year, Oliver shared a throwback snap of himself, his sister, and Hudson, tagging the photo "Happy abandonment day," which highlighted their resentment towards their biological dad.

Unlike Oliver's relationship with Hudson, Hawn's firstborn met her mother's partner at 6, admires the man, and has commented on how understanding his stepdad was even when he acted immaturely.

The 46-year-old recounted a story about getting arrested at 16 because he played with paintball guns. In the end, Russell handled it well with the cops but punished him.


While Russell was an excellent father figure with his stepkids, he also became an admirable parent to his only son, Wyatt Russell.

The lovers welcomed their son in 1986, and like older siblings, Wyatt grew up to be a happy family man with one child and an impressive resumè in the entertainment industry.



The long-term actress is known to have a special bond with her kids, and she is even a better grandparent! Throughout Kate's deliveries, she was present to support the expectant mom.

Three years ago, on "The Ellen Show," the mother-daughter duo gushed about when Kate gave birth to her second child.

Hawn was present after asking for her daughter's permission. She stayed throughout the birthing process and watched the baby be born.


Apart from being a supportive figure during her grandkids' birth, Hawn and Russell play the grandparent game well. They have scored uncountable points with their kids and grandkids for being loving and exceptional.

Hawn pledged her loyalty to be an unwavering proud grandmother, and sources point out that her loving husband is also a hands-on grandpa!

Above all, Hawn makes marriage, parenting, and handling grandkids despite an impressive career, a walk in the park, and maintaining relevance in the acting industry.