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Man Goes to Work on His Day Off, Comes Home an Hour Later & Sees Stranger’s Car near Home

Rita Kumar
Mar 26, 2022
03:20 A.M.
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The husband forgot it was his day off and went to work. Moments later, he hurried home to surprise his wife. But as he crept into his apartment, he heard weird noises coming from their bedroom.


If a couple falls in love and eventually decides to spend the rest of their lives together, they'd vow to cherish their trust and loyalty to each other. But are such promises meant to be broken? Can one quickly get away with breaking their soulmate's trust?

A post on Reddit's "Cheating Stories" sub answered that question after a husband posting under Equivalent_Stock_971 explained how he was destroyed after returning home to surprise his wife while she believed he was away at work.

OP returned home early to surprise his wife. | Source: Flickr


Recalling the decade-old incident on Reddit, the Original Poster (OP) said he was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) trainee in 2010. He was 27 and happily married to his wife of two years, a career planner in the Marines.

Although their work schedules mostly overlapped, their days off were different. OP's job permitted him to switch days with his trainees and take a day off. So, one day, OP had forgotten he'd swapped a day with a fellow trainee and left for work on his supposedly day off.

After laughing it off at his workplace, OP headed home to surprise his wife. When he reached his flat, he noticed a Dodge Challenger parked on his spot. OP felt weird since ample visitor parking space was available. 


He silently crept into his apartment and heard strange noises coming from his bedroom. Since the bedroom door was wide open, OP heard it loud and clear. 

OP noticed a Dodge Challenger parked on his spot outside his flat. | Source: Unsplash


He assumed his wife was alone watching "adult videos" and recalled watching such stuff often together. "Wow…I can catch her solo," he thought, wanting to surprise her with embarrassment.

[T]he last straw came eight months later when the woman's affair partner contacted OP, pleading for a favor.

But as he inched closer to their bedroom, something about the sounds he heard didn't add up. Although the noises sounded familiar, OP couldn't recognize the video clip. When he reached the bedroom doorway, he gaped at the hair-raising sight of his wife in bed with another man.

The husband felt weird when he heard strange noises emanating from his bedroom. | Source: Pexels


Around 15 seconds later, OP's wife looked towards the door. She was shocked as she breathed heavily and angrily asked OP what he was doing home. 

OP stood frozen in grave silence as his wife's affair partner hurried to the doorway and waited for OP to let him pass. Before he left, he looked at OP and said, "Aye man, thanks…but it is what it is," much to OP's frustration.

A few moments into his heartbreak, OP saw the man was still outside in his car. In a fit of rage, he grabbed his bowling ball to smash something but was appalled when his wife blocked his way to protect the guy. That's when OP broke down, moving away from his wife.


OP's wife blocked his way when he advanced towards the man. | Source: Pexels

After that shattering episode, OP informed his family and began focusing on his career. But to his surprise, his wife often showed up at his classes to breed jealousy among his female students.


However, the last straw came eight months later when the woman's affair partner contacted him, pleading for a favor. He wanted OP to get a written letter signed to his command claiming OP's wife had harassed him. In return, he assured OP he'd help him transition his divorce without having to pay alimony.

After listening to the man's pleas, OP downright refused to help. He was content knowing karma played out in the guy's life. Then he left his wife a voicemail and threatened to report her for violating their restraining order and passing his information to the other man.

OP sent a voicemail to his wife & threatened to report her for violating their restraining order. | Source: Pexels


Following a tumultuous divorce, OP moved on. He married a nurse he dated and had a son with her. He found out his wife was doing fine through her social media and thought of reaching out to her. But in the end, he decided that some things were better put to rest and never contacted her again.

After reading OP's story, fellow Redditors wrote in anonymously, puzzled why he'd wanted to even reach out to his ex again. User lwfj9m9 asked:

"Why would u reach out to her????? Confused."

"For closure and to thank her, I grew that day ten years ago...," OP responded in the thread. Some reminded OP not to contact his ex and advised him to stop watching her for his own good.


Following his divorce, OP married a nurse he dated. | Source: Unsplash

"You still don't know her…I don't think you ever did...You were always Mr. Plan B. And that will be the case for a long time to come. So, you MUST move on from her in mind," Redditor ManufacturerMuted858 advised.


As for the ex's significant other, OP never saw the guy again. "I should have reported that Marine, but I felt he would get his...Also, it was almost a year when I have seen him.," he recounted.

People on Reddit advised OP to move on from his ex for his own good. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

How would you handle the sight of your partner hooking up with someone else while you're away?

When OP found his wife romantically involved with her affair partner, he was devastated. He eventually realized divorce was his only option and moved on after a tumultuous split from her. Would you seek divorce after discovering your partner's infidelity, or would you give them a chance to prove their loyalty to you?

Would it be easy for you to move on from a divorce/breakup in a similar plight?

Although OP met many women at his workplace, he feared getting into a new relationship due to the emotional scars from his wife's infidelity. He fell in love with a nurse and married her in the end. How would you move on from a similar heartbreak, and would you be open to trusting someone who might be interested in you?


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