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Sandra Bullock, Who Wished for Same Skin as Her Kids, Reacted to Them Having Opposing Opinions to Her

Titi Dokubo
Mar 24, 2022
07:20 A.M.
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After Hurricane Katrina happened, Sandra Bullock decided that she would like to adopt and has adopted two children. Her partner Bryan Randall is very supportive, and they co-parent together.


Despite being in a long-term relationship, the Academy Award-winning actress does not want to get married. The actress spoke out about her kids' skin and personalities.

Sandra Bullock's kids now have their own opinions, and it bothers the actress who is stepping back from films to enjoy the company of her kids.

Sandra Bullock at the European Premiere of "Ocean's 8" on June 13, 2018, in London [left], Sandra Bullock and her daughter Laila Bullock on an episode of "Red Table Talk" [right] | Source: Getty Images, Canada


Sandra Bullock is known for her roles in movies like "The Blind Side," "The Proposal," the Netflix thriller "Bird Box," and more. However, being a parent is one of her prouder achievements.

Bullock's main job now is being a mom. As the actress' kids are growing up, she opens up about the changes in their behavior and reveals more about her motherhood.

Here are more details about the "Oceans 8" actress' journey to parenthood and the relationships she shares with her children.

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 7, 2010 | Source: Getty Images



In 2005, Bullock was married to TV personality Jesse James, but their marriage only lasted five years, and they divorced in 2010. Shortly after her marriage to James, Hurricane Katrina happened, and she knew she was ready for motherhood.

After the hurricane in New Orleans, Bullock, who was not ready for adoption, said she felt her child was in New Orleans. It was a weird feeling for her.

Bullock had doubts about going through with the adoption and had to wait for four years after filling out several forms. However, when she held her first child Louis in 2010, she said nothing felt better.


Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo Bullock during the 70th Venice International Film Festival on August 27, 2013 | Source: Getty Images

While she was waiting to adopt, she said people constantly told her beautiful things. One of the things they said to her was,


"The perfect child will find you. You will find your child."

Three years later, Louis convinced Bullock to adopt a second child. While conversing with her friends about their daughters, Louis told them he didn't have daughters but would have a baby soon. When Bullock looked back, she realized it was about the same time Laila, her daughter, was born.



Bullock, who is private and protective about her children, talked about her relationship with her partner, Bryan Randall, and their parenting in an episode of "Red Table Talk."

Bullock and Randall met in 2015 when he was a photographer for her son's birthday. However, she has kept her relationship private and only opened up about it in later years.

Bryan Randall and Sandra Bullock at "Oceans 8" World Premiere on June 5, 2018 | Source: Getty Images


When they met, she had not adopted Laila, and it was during their relationship she called him to inform him that she was bringing another child home. The shocked Randal said, "Sorry, what?"

At the time, Laila, who was two and a half years old, had already been in three foster care systems. After bringing Laila home, Randall was happy, but he was scared.

Sandra Bullock at the 86th Annual Academy Awards on March 2, 2014 | Source: Getty Images


However, she said he is very patient and a saint. Also, she believes he has evolved on a nonhuman level. She said,

"He's the example that I would want my children to have. I have a partner who's very Christian."

The "Miss Congeniality" actress is grateful that Randall quickly filled the role of a stepdad and is doing a great job even when they disagree on things.

Sandra Bullock at the World Premiere of "Minions" on June 11, 2015 | Source: Getty Images


Besides his love for having fun with the kids, he is present, listens, instills good solid values, and calmly corrects them when they stray.

Despite the special bond Bullock shares with Randall, she is not ready to walk down the aisle because she said she does not need a paper to be committed to her partner.

After her divorce, Bullock found the love of her life in Randall and is happy for their family and kids. Randal had a daughter before they met, and Bullock said their family is the best thing ever.



During her "Red Table Talk" session, Bullock opened up about the skin color of her children. She said,

"To say that I wish our skins matched, sometimes I do. Because then it would be easier on how people approach us."

However, she loves her children. Bullock said she is lucky she gets to be around her children all the time, and seeing who they become in the future makes her proud.

Sandra Bullock at the premiere of "Our Brand Is Crisis" on October 26, 2015 | Source: Getty Images


While talking about their personalities, she said Louis is 'supersensitive, wise, and kind.' When Louis was six, he told her not to accept a movie role because he felt Bullock was not where she should be, and he was right.

Bullock revealed that Laila would save the world and become the world's superhero because she is ready to join the nurses when she grows up.

Sandra Bullock at the 90th Annual Academy Awards on March 4, 2018 | Source: Getty Images


The "Infamous" actress also believes that Laila will become the President of the United States. She said Laila is ambitious, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.

Despite being a prominent actress, her children never see her as a famous mother, and they don't think she's cool except when she comes back home with treats.

Sandra Bullock at the premiere of "Bird Box" on December 17, 2018 | Source: Getty Images



Bullock revealed that the more her children grow up, the more they give her mixed emotions. She states that they have become too bright and are always listening. Bullock said,

"They're turning into people who have opinions. And sometimes they don't agree with mine, that bothers me."

However, she loves them and feels blessed to have kids that are pretty awesome, funny, strange, and so cool. In 2022, the actress decided to have more family time.

Sandra Bullock at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Lost City" on March 21, 2022 | Source: Getty Images


She revealed that she would take a step back from her career to spend quality time with her children. Bullock, who reiterated that she wasn't retiring, said she needed time to look at her beautiful babies.

Bullock is not sure how long her break will last, but she knows that she wants to be at the beck and call of her family as it is her most important job.

The actress would rather spend every day looking at her kids and would put up with them being mad and annoyed at her as long as she makes memories with them right now.